Daily Offer 4/14/15: April Shirtstorm

Shirting shirty shirtly shirtsome. Shirtfully shirtversed? Shirtlessly shirtable, shirt shirtronic. Shirtastic shirtbled shirtsack. Shirt.

LINK TO THE STORM: http://shirt.woot.com/plus/april-shirtstorm


All right. Shirtstorm! Let it pour.

Jupiter has rings…

Shakespearosaurus is especially cool!

I’m still waiting on shirts from the March Shirtstorm! Love Woot shirts, hate the wait.

Who is this “April Shirtstorm” and why isn’t there a photo of her on the site? Incidentally, why do they call her shirtstorm? Is she lactating? Because that’s a good reason not to post a photo…

Man, I can’t believe I missed this sale! I really wanted that “Bear Pong” shirt… ]=