Daily Offer 4/18/15: VIZIO 4k Smart TVs

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Video 4k Smart TVs


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VIZIO 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs
Price: $529.99 - 729.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Apr 22 to Monday, Apr 27) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Check out the product page for the 50" model

What I’d really be tempted by is a stupid 4K TV. The more ‘smart’ stuff the TV has, the longer it takes for all the internal, rapidly obsoleting firmware, increasingly vulnerable programming, to boot up.

I only use the huge Vizios as beautiful PC monitors. The cheapo ‘e’ models come up in a few seconds. My super duper screens take about half a minute to wake up.

Also, all the extra built in computers talking are each a source of video problems. The more deluxe the screen, the quicker they seem to die on me. And I run lots of them at work for everybody.

I just got the 50" one from last weeks woot. picture looks good but the screws that go in the base have larger heads on them then they should, they stick out lower than the rubber feet and will SCRATCH/GOUGE your table top! Bad design.

Product Page for the 55"
4 Stars and Lots of Reviews over at Amazon

The risk of such a short warranty is high. Had a bad experience with a different model already. It died after 10 months. Vizio and Woot quickly reminded me of the limited 90-day term. Not recommended unless you can purchase a separate service contract.

They sent mine with no plug no screws and no remote.

[MOD: Yikes. Make sure you contact our customer service.]

Nice…just noticed the button now says “I want some” instead of “one”. Who got the adda-boy for that?

I’m a bit iffy on Vizio refurbs since I bought a 28" smart TV a few months ago which is being replaced for the second time. First one turned itself on and off on it’s own. Second worked fine at first then suddenly would not connect wirelessly to the internet, like 2 weeks before the warranty would have ended.
My advice is to test these thoroughly when you get them. Both of mine so far seemed great out-of-box and looked brand new.
Vizio was great to work with though and, even though mine just had the Woot warranty, they offered to replace it with free return shipping and assured me the one they are sending has been thoroughly tested and with a 90 day warranty.

My husband got the 50 inch last week, arrived yesterday.

Arrived in the Vizio box, there was one spot of damage which may have led to the spots I’m going to mention.

So it’s light enough that I am able to get it out of the box, screw in the holder which on mine fits with no screws sticking out, however there are two sets of screws, four are bigger than the others.

Got it set up on the console stand, turn it on to discover two spots on the TV, thought they were dirt because it looks like dark greasy finger smudges, they will not come off. Thought maybe they would fade as we used the TV, they have not.

We will return the TV because of those spots because once you see them you can’t unsee them.

However I will say, the picture quality is amazing ( aside from those damn spots ) and I would purchase this TV again, probably new so I wouldn’t have to deal with returns and hoping I don’t get another messed up TV.

Watching 4k stuff on it is truly an experience, like you could reach out and touch the people, don’t try that, you will look way silly and have your spouse make fun of you.

Forgot to mention… The only button that seems to work is the Netflix button, we cannot get the Amazon button to work nor the Iheart one, don’t much care for the iHeart but I do want my Amazon.

4/10 for the smudges and non working remote buttons.

Does anyone know if this supports 3D or not? I would figure it would, but I don’t want to find out I bought a 600 dollar mistake. I do like my 3D movies. :slight_smile:

No 3D but great picture.

Whats the return policy if I don’t like it once I have it, is that under the 90 days as well? Or is that only defects?

Only for defects. Our return policy is linked in my signature.

do I have any option anywhere to purchase an extended warranty?

Hahahaha you put it in wrong no name calling, pls[MOD: ] .

There are two sets of screws. 5 small ones that connect the two stand pieces and then 4 slightly bigger ones that go on the stand to connect to the TV. I just went and switched it out on my set to see if it would replicate, and it did.

Don’t blame the company because you couldn’t tell the difference.

Okay, let me add this. I contacted SquareTrade and they very plainly state that they will not cover this TV because it is a refurb. Just be aware of this even though Woot has a link to Squaretrade for coverage…

Right. SquareTrade does not sell protection on refubished or factory reconditioned items directly to consumers. You must purchase it through a qualified retailers, like Woot.

You can use our SquareTrade link to purchase an extended plan. PS: It’s not visible on our mobile app or devices that don’t support Flash.

You can always add a SQUARETRADE warranty for cheap if you are worried about the refurb but in my experience with Refurbs from WOOT (3 HDTVS and going strong)…they have been in perfect condition and are still going strong (my oldest is 10 years old).