Daily Offer 5/17/15: Samsung 1080p LED Smart TVs

Looks like you are correct… owners manual.


Talked to a Samsung rep and it appears the refresh rate for the Samsung UN60H7100 is 240HZ. In for one! Can’t wait. The only downside that was very obvious was the heat that radiated from the side of the panel itself, not like scalding hot but it would def thaw out a frozen turkey right before Thanksgiving…hoping that if the 3D feature is not running it might make it less spicy…hmmm

mine came w/a wireless keyboard

How long did it take to receive your order? I bought mine on the 19th and still don’t have it. What concerns me is the shipping carrier is one I’ve never heard of, EFW. Has anyone else used them and did you have good results?
I’m probably just being impatient but they haven’t updated the status in 2 days and it’s in the city with the airport which is 20 minutes from my little town but no updates and still no expected delivery date :frowning:

I got mine yesterday. EFW never did update the shipping status.

Problems with stand installation, the screws were too long, I had to use washers.

I got mine on Tuesday,5/26. Shipped from California. I’m in NM.

It has cosmetic damage on a couple of areas of the screen (scuffs and one deep scratch), plus on the base the veneer is worn off in several places. The TV itself did not come with any of the peel-off protective stickers that typically ships on electronics to avoid damage. Not too impressed that its not properly refurbished (would be better described as “used”), but otherwise the TV is pretty awesome.

Got mine today. Completely destroyed. I’m really pissed off. Waiting for someone from woot to contact me. F them for not having a contact phone number. I will never buy anything from them ever again.

Got mine today, guess what LCD screen broken. Now i’m out $1000.00. Waiting to hear from customer service.

Got mine today. Efw never updated and still hasn’t. Tv came flawless but picture quality is very washed out and pixelated. Coming from a 4 year old samsung plasma that retailed for $1300 to this that retails for 2k and the picture is crap.

I just checked the status again, still no updates so I went to the main website and found a place where you could schedule a home delivery. So I did that and now it’s been updated and the scheduled delivery date has been updated. FFS, if that is what we have to do to get it sent that’s fine but please TELL me. I’m not real happy about their choice of shipper and plan to let them know that.

Samsung UN65H7100 65" 1080p 960 CMR 3D LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi

I bought this one a couple of weeks ago and it came in this week. I have been using a 55" Samsung 7000 series for the last 4 years so I was ready for a size upgrade but wanted to stay with a Samsung and 7000+ series.

I can tell you for $1000 that I am extremely pleased with this TV. After I searched the internet for calibrations on you tube, and after 20 minutes the picture is perfect. I have no issues or complaints with the picture or the TV in anyway. I love the keyboard and the little “puck” that comes with it.

I was concerned about buying a TV online and also because of it being refurbished. It did have some scratches on the stand but nothing that anyone would ever notice.

Google calibration for that model and you will find some good videos to get the picture looking really nice.

I just wanted to add that my UN60H7100 arrived yesterday with a badly cracked LCD. The only option seems to be refund and return instead of exchange or repair. Very unfortunate as this was an amazing deal. The fact that it comes with the keyboard, glasses and two remotes was outstanding. I’m happy for all you guys that got one in good shape.

I’d like to add that woot customer service has been very friendly and helpful and they’ve already refunded me. Shippers coming to pick up next week.

Well how the hell did you get ahold of them? I have sent numerous emails and pictures of my smashed tv and have heard nothing but a canned response. And the fact that we cannot get a damn thing other than a refund is rediculous.

I’m so sorry for your experience. I’ll get your info to CS; someone should be in touch soon.

I have done everything asked of me, both here and through Facebook, and yet I have no reply back from anyone in customer service. This company is a big joke.

Just received my full refund…thanks Woot!! That was the easiest return ever.

Why do I have a feeling you are not a real customer? Dealing with this company has been one of the hardest I have ever come across. This is the biggest complaint they have against them. Look them up on facebook and the BBB. Tons of complaints logged against them because of the difficulty in reaching out to them, and the lack of phone number and customer service.