Daily Offer 5/19/15: CRKT Knives

Today at Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE CRKT KNIVES YOU COULD EVAR C R OR EVEN K AND T!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE OFFER: http://www.woot.com/plus/crkt-knives-6


Check out the product page for the Shenanigan Razor

Product Page for the Ken Onion Ripple Folding Knife

It says the ripple is available in two colors, but how do we select which color we want?

Sorry for the discrepancy there the offer should be corrected.

The Ripple Model is ONLYavailable in today’s Woot Daily as Charcoal, model number K400KXP.

i’ve got the ken onion, ‘the ripple’. i found it somewhere. it’s really a nice knife. easy to get and keep a sharp edge. get positive comments on it frequently. opening is super quick, easy and it’s fun to mess around with. i keep in my desk drawer and manipulate absentmindedly as i surf the web or work on the phone. extremely smooth operation. interesting design. durable and cleans up nicely. if you’ve been waiting for a good deal on this style of knife, this could be the one.

As always, if you want this in Alaska or Hawaii, drop me a PM and I’ll do their work for them at cost.

I wonder if these would be good at slicing that cheese Woot is offering on the same page?

(someone had to say it, so I will be the smart aleck that does)

Boo, no CRKT Wrinkle.

Shenanigan: Best ergonomic knife for my hand. After handling over a hundred knives at a show, I’ve had the Aluminum-frame Shenanigan as an EDC for a few years, a very nice knife, and amazing at this price.

I bought 3 of the nylon-handled ones last November, I kick myself now for seeing the Al ones today.

My Shenanigan keeps an edge fine, and is easy to sharpen. I had to buy a size 8 and size 6 Torx driver to take it apart for cleaning/lube, as every few months something comes slightly loose and the rattle drives me crazy. I just can’t find my blue Loctite to take care of it.

Don’t know how I’d sharpen the serrated one, though I do have a diamond fishhook sharpener that might fit the pattern.

If I didn’t already have FOUR spares (wtf is wrong with me), I’d buy three of these in a heartbeat.

Now, if there had been some Wrinkle knives…

I have found my CRKT to be pretty durable but they do not hold an edge. About the only thing I use it for is cutting the plastic shrink wrap on packaging at work.

Does the Shananigan have a clip?

do these have the spring assist opening mechanism?

I own 2 of these,

The My Tighe Does have assisted opening. if you look at the 6th picture you can see the bar which is the spring.

The Ripple does not have assisted opening, but with the IKBS bearing, it needs no assistance. People often ask if it is assisted because the opening is so quick and smooth.

I have not used the Shenanigan

WHICH ONE??? I have been looking at these knives for an hour and cannot decide which one to get. I think I have it narrowed down to the Ripple and the Shenanigan. Any opinions would be appreciated.

Yes. Right-handed tip-down only. A quarter-inch of the knife is visible at pocket edge, don’t know if that counts as deep-carry.

I have a Ripple. Nice blade and thin body for Pocket carry.Almost pulled the trigger on the Shenanigan until I noticed it’s aluminum not the black nylon body. FYI it’s seems Woot always sells the discontinued Crkt knives.

An Aluminum Shenanigan for $30 is a steal. The Zytel (cheaper) ones go for more than that.

Decision made easier as one is sold out.

You are correct. What happened was I ordered one of each as I couldn’t decide and both seemed like a good deal (they sell for more everywhere I could find them). Glad I did, too, when I saw the Ripple sell out!!!
A minor thing is that they are discontinued, so maybe at some point in the future there might be a tiny bit of collector value.

What, wait a minute? Who cut the cheese??