Daily Offer 6/1/15: Saucony Men's Running Shoes

Saucony Men’s Running Shoes

Possibly the first thing our species did was run. But not from a dinosaur. No, no. We didn’t exist at the same time as them. Unless… unless it was a time traveling dinosaur from some dinosaur future that stepped on a butterfly and changed the timeline thus leading to the primacy of man. You would run away from something like that, right?

LINK TO THE OFFER: http://www.woot.com/plus/saucony-mens-running-shoes-1


Now with transparent heel!

Do I have to run if I buy these?
Do they work for walking or skipping also???

Product Page

Check out the product page for the Omni 13

These can be used for walking.
I would suggest that if you are going to get serious about running, you really should get fitted by a reputable running store to buy the shoes for your gait. Whether you under-pronate, over-pronate, or are neutral.
Saucony does make a very good running shoe though.

Link for women shoe, just in case people didn’t notice.


These run very small. I’m stuck with a pair…

How small do these fit, would you say?

I’ve loved Saucony for 20 years but my last pair was cheapies like these. With very moderate walking the inside heel wore out in four months. The rest of the shoe looks new.


hi sir, is this shoes can send to India
is it available. how much the tax should i pay.

[mod edit: sorry, we only ship within the contiguous US]

I bought the Omni-12 (not available in this sale) last year in my usual size 10.5 and it was too small (toes touching the front). It’s not so bad without socks, so I’ve delegated it to be worn for yard work.

When the shoe became available again at a later sale, I bought it at size 11 and it fit normally (with socks).

Finally a deal I can comment on! Usually I just freeload on the message boards…

These are good shoes for this price. I would never call them junk. The Ride 6 had some quality control issues with the soles blowing out and the mesh ripping but so far, everyone I know who runs in the Ride 7 has not had any problems. They are comfortable and are pretty durable trainers.
I can’t comment on the Omni’s. Never worn them and don’t know anyone that does either.

Saucony are great running sneakers in general. I am not sure I agree with the person who said “these run small” unless they have actually had their foot properly measured. I worked full time as a manager at a Stride Rite store for 4 years and Saucony are a brand that have always run “true to size” basically meaning you will wear the size you measure in, or a half of size bigger if you are still growing.

In general I typically wear a 9.5 in Saucony shoes but an 11 to 11.5 in Nike shoes. I measure a 9.25 on a brannock.

Good luck!

I run 50-60 miles a week, 7.25-7.75 miles every day, all in sauconys. I use hurricanes for stability, guides for comfort and fastwiches for race day. I think that says enough for how awesome saucony’s shoes are!!

These are not returnable? With questions re sizing, that’s a deal breaker.

No, they’re not, you can see our return policy here.

Wow, size 15s?!? I’m in for one. Even if they run small - I can SQUEEZE into a 14 for athletic shoes, so IMHO worth the gamble.

Sold out… :frowning:

How can you sell a shoe where there are issues about the size and offer a no return policy? Seriously, what kind of customer service is that? We should just buy it and hope? That’s ridiculous. If you can’t stand behind the product you shouldn’t sell it, whatever deal you are offering.