Daily Offer 9/16/14: Video Gaming Extravaganza

Today at Electronics.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE VIDEO GAMES AND MOAR VIDEO GAMES!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

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Video Gaming Extravaganza
Price: $9.99 - 59.99
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Condition: New


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Some good games at some good prices. PEW PEW PEW!


I would totally buy Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII if it were on the Xbox 360, but sadly only the PS3 version is on sale here.

Although in retrospect, it’s currently $29.99 (360) and $27.26 (PS3) on Amazon right now; so while the $17.99 here is still a great deal, the 34% off of that isn’t as impressive as the 64% off of the MSRP of $49.99 would be.


Solid reviews (7.6 out of 10.0) on Madden 25 over at gamestop.com and check out this review over at IGN.com

Activision Call of Duty Page

I suggest staying away from Thief, at least on Xbox One. It has a bug so I can’t play past chapter one of the damned thing. And Square/Enix has been NO help in solving my problem. Poor game. Poor customer service.

The hardened edition of ghosts for xbox one shows a pic of the ps3 copy, so is it ps3 or xbox one

Can someone please answer this so I know whether or not to buy it, I really want it for the Xbox one

I would totally drop $19.99 on Thief if it was Xbox 360. I’m not ready for the upgrade yet. My Christmas wish is that it was backwards compatible.

I had Call of Duty Ghosts for the PS3. I played mainly Multiplayer which was alright but I traded it in towards Battlefield:Hardline. I am going to buy Battlefield 4 to tide me over till the new Battlefield comes out next year

+1 Wondering whether the COD: Ghosts Hardened Edition is for Xbox One or PS3

i bought BF4 for PS4 when it came out last year…still havent played it yet.

i have at least 40 games on my shelf or HDDs from Playstation Plus on my Vita, PS3 & PS4

too many games…too little time.

Does the Ghosts PC version have a code we can redeem on Steam?

Sorry already asked. I swear it wasn’t 2 minutes ago lol. Must have missed it.

“COD: Ghosts Hardened Edition”
Xbox one? PS3?

According to this post, it activates over Steam.


What… nothing for the WiiU??

I would not recommend Battlefield 4 unless you enjoy being aggravated.

Although $12.99 is probably about what it’s worth.

Battlefield 4 would be one of the best games out there today - if it worked properly.

It doesn’t.

It’s been out for 11 months and, just like BF3, it has only gotten worse and worse, despite several patches and promises by the developers that it is being fixed.

I’ve been playing this series for a long time.
BF3 was a great game that just didn’t work right.
It was never fixed properly despite the developers attempts.

My gaming friends and I were stunned when BF4 came out and it had all the same problems that BF3 had at release (some that were fixed came back) plus many more.

DICE is an incompetent developer.
Every patch they release to fix problems just creates more - this is a pattern that has persisted since BF3.

EA was voted worst company in America on more than one occasion for a reason.
Their priority is marketing hype to maximize sales.
Quality of product and player experience is not only not a priority, it is nonexistent.

I have put several hundred hours into BF4 over the last 11 months, despite the frustration.
I’ve finally had enough and have moved on.

I could go on and on and on about the problems with this game but I’ll sum it up for the tl;dr crowd.

This is an awesome game, the 1% of the time that it functions properly.
The other 99% of the time it is a rage-inducing, broken mess.

$12.99 is probably a fair price for it.
That price is more representative of the quality than the original $60 - although $9.99 would be more like it.

edit: if you have any doubts about my assessment, just read the forums at battlelog.battlefield.com.
It’s chock full of people complaining about everything that is broken with the game, begging for fixes, and unfulfilled promises from the developers.