Daily Offer 9/16/14: Video Gaming Extravaganza

must not have been too bad since you played for several hundred hours.

i loved BF3. i owned with the jets. i played more of the BF4 beta than I did the PS4 version (as in none) i bought on release day. being a new dad doesnt give me much gaming time anymore.

no wii u love =(

EDIT: sorry, it is Xbox One, I’ve been told now.

And Steam code for Ghosts PC- we can’t really confirm, but these are new units so if Steam says they can be redeemed over there too, it’s pretty likely these can as well.

I love WiiU enough for all of Woot.

CORRECTION: Our art is incorrect. This is the XBOX ONE version.

Why does one of them show a PS3 box, but the listing says [Xbox ONE]?

We are working to correct the art ASAP. It is the Call of Duty: Hardened Edition for Xbox ONE. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Is there still a solid community for CoD: Ghosts on PC?

I know CoD Advanced Warfare is coming out in November (hence this sale) so don’t want to buy Ghosts and have everyone disappear to the new game!

I ended up getting EA Access for the Xbox One.

I only have two weeks break so I got the one month pass for $5 and downloaded BF4 and Need For Speed.

I do agree with some posters as BF4 crashes every now and then and that causes the start of my frustration. The second part of my frustration is how buggy the AI is for the campaign. Seriously… they throw three tanks at me with 100% accuracy. @_@;

Meh… Amazon has Battlefield 4 PS3 for $21.77 via prime and guaranteed by Thur. OR I can buy it from Woot for $18 ($13 + $5) and get it some time in the unknown future? I’ll pass, thanks.

Woot doesn’t care one way or the other since they’re owned by Amazon. Hey I have an idea, make purchases on Woot Amazon Primeable (e.g. -guaranteed 2 day free shipping).