Daily Offer 9/24/14: Moscow Mule Mugs

Today at Home.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE MOSCOW MULE MUGS AND MOAR MOSCOW MUGS MADE OF PURE MULES FROM MOSCOW!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE OFFER: http://home.woot.com/plus/moscow-mule-mugs


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Moscow Mule Mugs - Set of 4 - 5 Styles
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Sep 26 to Monday, Sep 29) + transit
Condition: New


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Moscow Mule Page

The “I want one” button is a little flakey on this page…

  1. It disappears when I mouse over. (I’m on Safari version 7.0.6)
  2. To the right of the button there is another partial image of the button

Those are really cool - Can’t afford the 4 set - wish they came in sets of two - (future offer wish list Rogtray?)

Check out some reviews from Overstock

“Solid Copper” actually means “Made of nickel-lined Solid Copper with solid brass handles”

wtf?!?! That has to be some of the most confusing product description ever. If you can’t say what it is clearly, then clearly its not what they want you to think it is.

My wife has been wanting a good Moscow mule mug for quite some time, but I will pass on these. Reviews from above post seem quite negative.

Thanks for spotting the issue. We should hopefully have it corrected soon :slight_smile:

Dang it Jim! I’m a moderator, not a bundle maker!!!” - RogetRay

read the reviews on these before purchasing folks. numerous complaints of the metal flaking off and not being solid copper.

Yeah… These should be relabeled.

Hopefully these aren’t the ones where the nickel lining comes off in acidic drinks and makes you sick.

I totally agree with you. I have been wanting some of these for a gift (but then I want some for myself. lol) The description of solid copper is incorrect as they do make some that way without the lining but I do not see them here. What the reviews I have been reading, they mostly state the interior lining flakes off. Kind of creepy where it goes. I’m on the fence. Price is right but quality is a question.

I believe “solid copper” means that it’s not copper coated.

MAYBE…try reading your own product descriptions on the front page?
First one:
•Made of nickel-lined Solid Copper with solid brass handles
Tarnish-resistant clear finish over the copper for lasting beauty and luster

Second one:
•Beautiful solid copper construction with tin lining and solid brass accents
•The tarnish resistant lacquer coating preserves beauty and luster

Third one:
•This set of 4 Moscow Mule mugs are made of nickel-lined Solid Copper with solid brass handles
•These sturdy mugs feature a tarnish-resistant clear finish over the copper for lasting beauty and luster

So you are drinking from anything but copper.

Tin shows chemical similarity to both germanium and lead

You can be exposed to Nickle just by breathing air and for the most part it is found in food, water, air, etc and Will pass through your urine. It is also used to make stainless steel. I’d be less concerned about the nickle lined mugs.

The Tarnish-resistant finish (lacquer) is not healthy and will wear off quickly. So hope for a quick poison and recovery.

If anyone is interested in the regular “non-flared” versions. Here they are for 4 for $40. http://www.mobstub.com/moscow-mule-mugs/?nan_pid=1809981995

I’d like to get a set…but like others, have a problem with the “solid copper” mugs being made of nickel and brass. Sorry, but that still makes them, for all intent, “copper plated.” The plating is just a little thicker.

WHY are the stainless versions - which supposedly retail for $50 less - priced at the same level? (I mean, other than the fact that Woot probably figures they will be as popular, so a little price gouging is in order?)

ha wow, are they really that much cheaper?

I was so excited to receive a set of the Old Dutch style copper mugs as a gift and have had a good experience using them so far (although I can’t be sure they’re exactly that brand.)

Now you all are telling me the gift-giver was trying to poison me?!

I don’t know all the science involved with metal beverage containers but as rarely as I use these mugs I have to doubt there will be any bad effects (and they do add that special crispy tingle to the drink!)

I mean come on, are you all drinking four moscow mules a day? or even a week? Are you the type of people who take antibacterial cleanser everywhere you go? I need to know how worried I should be about the effects of rarely drinking from a non-100% copper mug!!

I love Moscow Mules and many years ago sought out a set of copper mugs to create the “official version”.

My concern would be that one of the secrets of a Moscow Mule is the interaction of the lime and ginger beer (seek it out, or make your own, it’s worth it vs using ginger ale) with the copper.

Might be worth a couple of hours of double blind testing with copper vs lined-copper. Volunteers??

Hello, my 2 cents…I actually have solid copper mule mugs which are AMAZING, they keep anything ice cold for the LONGEST TIME, they look nice, feel well made and are solid. I did buy 4 for $90 and they have that hammered look. I love them.

Tjmaxx and Marshalls sells mugs like this, individually but I never observed the craftsman of them, I am not sure if they are 100% copper or what not. Enjoy folks!