Daily Offer 9/25/14: 600TC Egyptian Cotton Bedding

The are a sateen weave.

They do not have a wrinkle free treatment. However, they are made with premium, long-staple cotton which gives a more luxurious drape. This also helps with the wrinkling when removed from the dryer.

Duvet cover has a button closure along the bottom(the foot of the bed).

How can a king sheet that is Fitted ~ 76" x 80" x 15" fit up to a 17 inch deep mattress. Seems like it would pull out a lot.

Darn me for buying a very tall mattress, never again…

The gussets (gathers) around the corner allow it to fit a mattress about 2" deeper than the sewn seam.

if you go to the exceptional sheets site, they have 650 TC Egyptian cotton sheets listed at twice the price offered on WOOT, so the mark-down isn’t nearly as much as billed.

If there was a brand associated with these sheets so I could actually look up and compare, I would buy, but since there isn’t, I am not going to spend that much on a no name sheet, not knowing the quality.

One thing is for sure “Microfiber” sheets are just awful, in my ere. Pretty to look at, awful to sleep on. Not quite as bad as grocery bag plastic, but not much better. If you see the words “Egyptian Comfort” sheets, be aware that they are NOT Egyptian cotton or cotton at all.

I have heard that bamboo sheets are great, but I have never tried them.

[MOD: Just for the record, these are 100% Egyptian Cotton.]

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We sometimes can’t give out the manufacturer. This is because our buyers work for great pricing and the vendors want to protect their pricing in the marketplace.

I too, was fooled by “Egyptian Comfort” sheets once long ago. I’m significantly more careful with my bedding purchases now.

My brother has bamboo sheets. He loves them. He preferred them to the Egyptian cotton sheets that he had on his bed before.

Anyone know the actual going price for similar full sized sheets? 350 sounds extremely suspicious to me.

edit: looks like about 45-125… I’m out. It’d be nice if we could go back to the uninflated price comparisons.

These are 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. No microfiber (polyester) in the sheets.

1990’s sidekick??? No no no no!

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I hope this has cleared up any confusion. Carry on Wooting…

Why is it always sateen? I want the crisp feel of high-quality, high thread-count hotel sheets. I don’t think that’s this weave but I never see anything but sateen for sale on the interweb and am not even sure what product description would fit the bill.

So these are not sets? Also, cannot locate mention of fitted or flat?

Pillow cases separate?

Bamboo sheets are the best, but even the high quality ones wrinkle terribly. I do sleep on them and love them.

Yes, all are shipped in sets. You get two pillowcases with the sheet set, but also have the opportunity to buy extra pillowcases.

Sheets - 4 - 2 Pillowcases, 1 Flat and 1 Fitted Sheet

Duvets - 3- Duvet and 2 Shams

Pillowcases – 2 Pillowcases

Found the fitted/flat issue buried deep in the detailed description.


Have all the info. Just had to look harder for it.