Daily Offer 9/3/14: Dell Venue Tablets

Today on Computers.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE DELL VENUE TABLETS AND MOAR TABLETS OF VENUE THEN VENUES EXIST!!!

So many venues, you’ll think it’s Broadway…

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

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Dell Venue 11 Pro 10.8" Full-HD Tablets
Price: $449.99 - 549.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Thursday, Sep 04 to Friday, Sep 05) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Product Page/Reviews (Links to multiple models on the page)

Cnet Review

check out this review over at pcworld.com and pcmag.com

So what’s the different between the 4 i5 models? I see the most expensive is clocked higher with more storage but that’s about it.

Does it also included a free copy of Microsoft office? I see the description not noting it so I take it as a no?

The two with the i5-4300Y additionally have 802.11ac WLAN, which can be significantly faster.

The primary difference with the 4300 is the dynamic multiplier will go significantly higher under load, which on general translates to increased performance. The max TDP for both are the same, but being that they’re on the same lithography it will translate to slightly lower power consumption under heavy load for the 4210Y.

There are also a couple of fairly technical differences as well not worth elaborating on unless you’re planning to turn a tablet into a virtual terminal server (why would you do that you madman?).

Another tradeoff seems to be the most expensive one with more storage (256GB) isn’t Win8.1

I bought one of these on the last sale… great deal for the specs, and all in all a great tablet… but, responsiveness can be a little choppy at times, the active stylus (sold at dell) is not great… no where near a wacom digitizer… ok for notes and stuff (but again can be unresponsive at times)… I bought the keyboard/battery attachement (amazon for $85) and for $650 you get a killer tablet/laptop combo.

Nah, I wouldn’t expect these to come with a full copy.

I’m actually posting from one of these (256GB model with the 4300Y). Around the office and lab it’s amazing. I have the dock setup at my desk with an extra monitor/keyboard/mouse and for me at least, it negates the need for a desktop. I typically leave Thunderbird up on the tablet screen and do my work on my primary monitor, so I wouldn’t call it anything near a real multi-monitor experience but it is certainly a nice little benefit. Then I can pick it up, take it to a meeting and jot down notes with the stylus (the active one from Dell is VERY spotty, but a cheap capacitive pen from Amazon works great). I have the laptop base for traveling, but I really haven’t used it yet beyond checking that it works. At this price it really is tough to beat. A solid 9 out of 10 product with the only real weakness being the digitizer (which may or may not be an issue with the pens from what I’ve read, Dell has gone through 3 revisions so far and even offered to replace older ones to people who complained).

I see a ton of reviews for the Intel atom Bay trail versions, but not many for the i5 versions. Anyone have any comments as to the performance between the two?

Picked up the 256gb model when it was offered a few weeks ago and It’s a great machine for the money. It only comes with the trial version of office, however, so you’ll have to buy a license separately.
Here are a few observations from a few weeks of ownership:

-It’s a lot more convenient to travel with compared to my 14" laptop
-Wakes up fast and performs well with regular windows desktop applications. I have Sony Movie Studio 13 installed and it handles editing tasks as well as you’d expect with a Core i5 processor and 8gb of RAM
-The kids wanted to play with it until they found out that it doesn’t have all of the games that my wife’s android tablet has. I see this as a BIG plus, as I don’t have to hear “Dad, can I play with your tablet” when I’m using it.
-On the negative side, it is hard to find a case for the Core i5 models. There are plenty of cases for the slightly thinner Atom processor models, so you may have to settle for a universal case or a sleeve instead.
-I think the SSD had about 224gb free out of the box
-I turned off the auto brightness control as it just gets irritating to have the screen constantly switching according to ambient light.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a tablet powerful enough to be a primary PC.

Bought the 4300Y/8GB/256GB one during the last woot (and returned the 4300Y/4GB/128GB I had bought off Newegg a couple weeks earlier) I had already about the mobile keyboard w/battery ( http://www.amazon.com/Dell-Computer-Tablet-Keyboard-Mobile/dp/B00GEC7QPA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1409763878&sr=1-1) for the other one and that made it essentially a netbook sized computer with ultrabook specs and speed that can be a tablet when I want.

The 8GB version was actually faster to use having them side by side for 2 days even though 8.1 doesn’t really NEED over 4GB for basic use, it’s still nicer to have it for the future as yo can’t upgrade memory in this thing.

Actually that brings me to a HUGE plus of this series of tablets. The back cover is removable allowing access to 1. the fully user replaceable battery (~$60 for one was the cheapest I found for one that looked OK a month ago) 2. the M.2 SSD (if the tablet ever gets broken beyond repair data recover is possible in a desktop/laptop with a M.2 port or you could just upgrade when you need more storage a year later) and 3. The M.2 wireless card though it’s already 802.11ac and mine has no problems topping 600 Mbps doing file transfers to and from my server (only slightly slower than the full size laptop I have with the mini PCIe version of the same wireless card in it from the same spot in the house)

The only drawback is compared to the Google Play store and the Apple App Store the Windows store is just lacking. There are a few apps I miss from my old Android tablet this replaces, but at the end of the day I’m running full Windows 8.1 and have enough power for the desktop equals of some of them anyway.

Another note, I read a comment about not having 8.1 on one of the models I’m 99% sure mine had it when I got it, but don’t worry if it’s running 8, the upgrade is free and thanks to the SSD wont be TOO bad to install.

Just thought of another “con” it’s caused me. I run a small PC repair business and I’ve had customers complain that my “Little laptop thingy” is faster than their PC the Best Buy guy sold them with a “super fast” 1TB Hard drive 4GB of memory and quad core CPU for $700 to make their internet faster. <-- The number of times that scenario happens scares me.

I picked up the i5 (4210, not 4300) with the mobile keyboard a few months ago on clearance in the Dell outlet. It’s a great little device, going from tablet to “laptop” in one step. Battery life is great, in either mode, and having a subscription to Microsoft 365 makes productivity a breeze.

All the bad press regarding the active stylus is true. I wish it responded in a more consistent manner. However, there’s an update to the touchscreen drivers that has made a HUGE difference.

At these prices, it’s worth it to jump on the i5/256 GB SSD/8GB RAM configuration. You just won’t find a tablet to rival those specs at that price. Plus, you can add the mobile keyboard (one with extra battery) for under $100 and get 12-17 hours of battery life.

The update to 8.1 is free. This is a ok deal but the only good thing about this tablet is the active stylus but, if that’s not really dependable…
I do remember that my 8 inch was super loud though.

My current 13" device is the best I’ve used so far with only 4gb of ram and 750 gb of storage space and two batteries. Woot hasn’t had my config yet