Daily Offer 9/8/14: Gorilla Gadget Portable Power Banks

Today at Electronics.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE POWER BANKS AND MOAR POWER BANKS THAN YOU CAN BANK ON!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Link to the offer: http://electronics.woot.com/plus/gorilla-gadgets-portable-battery-packs-2


Previous Discussion

I got one of these a while back. I don’t use of often (I’ve only ever charged it once), but I have fully charged my phone 3 times with it (Galaxy Note 3), and it’s still over 40%.

Gorilla Gadgets Webpage

Check out the product page for the CHR-130-BLK and check out the FAQ

Got the 11.2 MaH and my wife uses it for her nook and she loves it. I have used it a couple times for my Sandisk MP3 player and it came in handy. If you have ANYTHING that you don’t always have a PC or wall outlet to charge, this is a nice device to have.

That sure looks like a backlit LCD to me.

But it’s an LED backlit LCD, based on the pics. The features wording is misleading.

LED lighted:



Lighted LCD:


I’ve heard of Black Uhuru


their album ‘Red’ is a classic.

But I’ve never heard of white Uhuru’s before.

Great litte gadget to have. I have charged my Iphone 3 times and still had a little under 50% left. A must have if you take trips.

I got the 11,200 mAh version before a vacation. Great for recharging tablets, phones, and anything else that runs off USB while on the go.

I bought the 16500mah. It works very well with my Note 3 as well as charging up the girlfriends S3. I love it, yes a little bulky but its fine.

These are my favorite portable chargers. I’ve picked up four of them from The Woot!..maybe I need more?

I have the 16.8 and it’s great. On flights I never worry about my phone or tablet dying.

Highly recommend.

It’s worth calling out that the input capacity for these is just 1A, which means that they will charge pretty slowly. For a large capacity battery pack, I’d prefer a 2A charging capacity.

The charging is somewhat slow, but the capacity is pretty good. But they are kind of big and heavy, so it’s not portable in the sense that you can walk around with it in your pocket all day, but is just fine carried in a bag or in the car.

The charging may be slow if you are going by the info on the LCD panel, the outlet identification is backwards, i.e. if you have 2A device plugged in so that the LCD says it is plugged into the 2A outlet port, it is really plugged into the 1A outlet and will never fully charge if it needs the higher current (iPad, etc.). The identifications on the case itself are correct but are impossible to read. The 2.1A outlet is the one nearest the button on the side. These are great, in for another.

How do these compare to EasyAcc products like the one below?


Msrp price inflation anyone. Gorilla gadgets website shows this listed for 109.99 (sale 69.99) vice woot 139.99 (sale 39.99) and I found it on amazon for 49.49 with double the warrantee. http://gorillagadgets.com/collections/portable-battery-packs

I bought the 11,200 unit last time around, 6 months ago maybe. Works great. Reliable. Charges my Razr M 3 times.

Reviews from Amazon say a lot of these ship damaged and used, shipped by Gorilla. Who is shipping these?