Daiwa Exceler Baitcasting Reels

Bummer there is no 6.3:1 right handed… Might try the burner but not sure…

Will there be baitcaster rods next??

Hey Woot please fix this…
Pictures are mixed up for all left & right handed reels.

I went for the burner, I have never owned one and I am fishing a lot of shallow weedbeds so I like to buzz the tops with surface lures and I think this is the ticket for me to reduce my effort in keeping some of those lures at the surface.

Buyer answers:

They are correct. The line comes out of the little black line retrieve circle, which faces forward when you are fishing. If you are right handed, the crank would be to the right of the line retrieve and to the left if you are left handed.

Hope that helps.

I work in a tackle shop and this is a great price for this reel. It is actually below our cost to buy them, but Daiwa has upgraded the reel and this model Exceler will no longer be available.

My bad! Didn’t see the line guide.

Excited to see some fishing gear being sold on woot! :slight_smile: