Daiwa Fishing

Hey fishers! What do you think of that mini casting kit? Would you bring it along? :slight_smile:

That kit is something a grandma buys her grandson because she heard he likes to go fishing. (I have first hand experience with this!)
It’s really just a cheap setup for someone who has no clue about fishing.

Daiwa makes some nice gear and I’m very excited to see fishing stuff on Woot, but all of this is just low-end gear.

Bring out the high end stuff…and maybe some Shimano and G.Loomis gear. :slight_smile:

I’m sure everything in that kit would qualify as passable but I wouldn’t recommend it if you want something that’s going to last and not cause a lot of frustration along the way. I’ve never had much luck with segmented poles.

I’ve had a lot of luck with Daiwa reels in the past, and they are an excellent brand, but this stuff is all along the lower end of their stock. We usually keep a few of these around for when we have kids going fishing with us and we aren’t sure how tight they’re holding the pole. a $80 set up going over the side is a lot more tolerable than a $200 set up going.

One thing about fishing is that you can spend as much or little money as you want, and, for the most part, the fish don’t care. However, the extra money usually serves to make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

Daiwa has good reels, and I used them and a few of the rods in the past and still have an ultra-light I use on very rare occasions. However, Pfleuger reels have been my top choice for over 20 years. I have never had a problem with their equipment like I have with other brands, whether it’s bait- casting, spinning, spin-casting, or under-spin reels.

I can’t comment on the kit but I have an ultralight Berkeley pole (red, 5’, silver/gold eyes) and a reel that is the same or close enough to the ultralight listed on Woot! Been using this setup for about 5 years and had no problems with 1-3# trout and bass. Bigger fish need to be fought for a bit before reeling them in. The reel isn’t fast enough for Rooster Tail spinners but Panther Marlins seem to work fine.

Come on Woot…Wal-Mart has the Legalis spinning reel on their site for 52.95 with free shipping. I call shenanigans on your 25% off price. More like 6% off

These aren’t even good ‘deals’.

Woot Plus has been a total letdown for me.

Woot PLUS deals are not intended to be the killer deals you see on our Daily sites. They’ll still be good deals and more likely than not, lower than any major online retailer.

Due to the smaller quantities and other factors, the price break isn’t as much as our high-quantity daily deals.

Hope that helps.