Dakota Grizzly Apparel

Interested in the Rory shorts but they don’t list waist sizes. Does anyone know, of the listed sizes of small, medium and large, which one would be for a 34 waist?

Update: Never mind. I just looked at one of their shirts and, oddly enough, under specs they list the waist sizes that equate to their small, med. and large. Interesting, that they list waist sizes under specs for a shirt but nothing under specs for the shorts.

I’m laughing at the pix of the model. that’s the guy from the movie Grown Ups (first one) from Saskatchewan !

It lists it for me under specs for the shorts.
I’ll list it just in case it’s different.

Medium 32" - 34"
Large 35" - 37"
XL 38" - 40"
XXL 41" - 43"

Dang it, you beat me to it

Thank you. I made my observation quite a while ago and they’ve since added the sizing info. Oft times they write a post acknowledging they’ve made a correction, once pointed out. However this time they apparently chose not to. But thanks again for the kind help.

hahahah! you’re right, that’s awesome.