Dakota Watch Multipurpose Time Clip

Probie again?

1st cavs suck



What are the multiple purposes for this “time clip”?

2nd cavs suck

what time is it…what time is it …

If it is 100 ft water resistant, wouldn’t that make it water proof ??


… does anyone really know what time it is …

I doubt this is Military Surplus

Cool, but would be cooler with a thermometer.

Quality post! How often can someone slip in an obscure Chicago reference like that? Okay, I mean other than the Woot writers…

Any one know the weight limit for these things?? My cousin “Tiny” would love these for when he goes stair climbing…

If you had a Delorian & 1.21 gigawatts you would have all the time in the world.

I wonder if it comes in pink.

And a compass. And a bottle opener. And a toenail clipper.

My inbox just had 172 on it. As in 172 unread messages. I checked it 3 times. And it weren’t just my sleepy eyes either. But now it’s back down to 5. Everthing is getting so Wooty in my life. I think I need meds.

A fanny pack saw this and went… wow that’s gay.

Stinky woot! move… weren’t these cheaper the last time 'round… albeit a tad cheaper?..

Oh, I guess the color difference makes the cost higher, eh?..