Dakota Watch / Tactical Knife Clip

anyone else get a little crash?

what was that?

Maybe for $10 (shipping incl.)…

If my arm is trapped by a rock will I be able to saw it off with this?

Woot is not your personal erotica site.

why do we need a watch on a compass? just use the sun


if this was also a wireless mouse we could have the entire wootoff in one!!


Hot damn, I thought it was a bag of crap when the site glitched there

Tactical knife for when the grasshoppers attack.

Wow. This thing crashed the server?

totally thought i missed the crap

And Woot goes down… the question is… How will it rebound?

perfect for trimming the monkeys’ nails

I cried a little.


yep u can cut it to with the sizzors