Dale Tiffany Lamps

I was a little hesitant to buy this lamp without seeing it in person, but am I glad I did! It is beautiful and really heavy and sturdily built! I am blown away by the quality! I highly recommend this lamp to anyone who appreciates stained glass lamps.

Thanks for coming back to let us know. I passed on your feedback to the buyer. :slight_smile:

I never got mine, and have filled out the online help form twice, with no response. Seriously?! Has anyone else possibly not received theirs?

Sorry to hear that you haven’t received your order or heard back from Woot Member Services.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post and information along to Woot Staff to investigate the issue.

Thank you for your continued patience during this matter.

Still nothing, Rogetray. More and more frustrated :frowning:

Sorry for the delay. I’ll put you on my afternoon report so they can look into it.

Seriously? Still nothing. OMG. just submitted my FOURTH online request and my THIRD email to support@woot.com. Did you guys block my email address??

I have emailed literally 4 times and filled out the online support form 4 times. No reply, ever. This is my woot account user name. Next stop is a BBB complaint :frowning:

I answered your post in the other thread. Could you pls PM me the order with the problem and what the problem is?

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