Dale Tiffany Lamps

The leaves lamp looks pretty classy. Which style lights up your interest?

That Atherton Table Lamp is pretty sweet, but a smidge out of my table lamp price range.

So, I looked at both Amazon and the Dale Tiffany site. I cannot tell where these lamps are made. Can Woot please let me know?

I have the dragonfly lamp with a very very slightly different base (mine has a marble piece at bottom)…and LOVE it. I get constant comments & it is very very sturdy. I have toddlers & it has been knocked around more times than I care to admit & due to weight, it never even wobbles. Frankly - despite the glass shade, it is the lamp I worry least over, which is not what I would have expected in a glass shade. LOL

I feel much better (and I’m sure fellow toddler and pet owners do too) knowing they’re sturdier than you’d think! :slight_smile:

The ‘Jenny’ lamp has caused me to get the song ‘867-5309 Jenny’ song stuck in my head.
Coincidentally, that’s the only lamp I like. Too fancy schmancy for my taste/home. But I have a couple of friends who loves things like this & I’ve alerted them.

I was also wondering where the lamps were made.
I clicked on their site that homewoot! provided, and found their corporate telephone number here in CA.
The lady that I spoke with, said that their lamps are made in China.

Wanna make a wild guess? Go on. You know you want to.

Yep, China.

I have 4 Dale Tiffany lamps at home… the quality is the best of all the tiffany lamps I looked at. Some of the other ones did not have the same deep rich color glass that the dale tiffany ones had. When you light them up they are gorgeous.