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I think the names and descriptions are switched. The description of the Morning Start sounds like the Sigourney, and vice versa.

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Seen the lamp before and like it. Questioning the 1 -60 wt bulb and why the two pull chains?

[MOD: 2 bulbs; sale fixed]

How to Make a Stained Glass Lamp

Woot, you need to get your act straight. You have four images and two styles of lamps. However, you’ve muddied the water by depicting both styles with both names through the four images. Further, you fail in describing basic geometric shapes. Inverted yellow (five sided) diamond? GET IT TOGETHER, MAN (OR WOMAN)!

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Hmmm… the descriptions say one light bulb for each style lamp, but the pics show two pull chains for each lamp. Please illuminate me!!

[MOD: 2 bulbs; sale fixed]

yeah we need to see under the shade. more pics needed.

Hey all. Thanks for calling out the problems with the captions. They’re fixed now. Just for good measure:




^Morning Start

So why are there 2 chains?

I’ve asked. People are still making it to the office and we don’t have samples. We’ll have to contact the vendor.

UPDATE: It takes 2 bulbs - sale is fixed for this as well. One chain for each bulb.

Now, go buy 3!

Two sockets = when/if one of the sockets fails, you still have a spare.

Two sockets = a form of two-way bulb, turn on one or two for different brightnesses.

(We have a cheap Mission style lamp and had one socket fail after several years.)

We also have Dale Tiffany lamps - you certainly won’t confuse them for the real thing, but they’re basically solidly made.

Woot - looks like Dale Tiffany sells some similar lamps in which portions of the shade are made from plastic, not glass. Can you confirm whether this shade is 100% glass and metal, or if it is partially plastic?

Presumably, the whole shade should be glass.

However, I’ve pinged Home Staff to inquire.

The sale is a little late in the evening, but if I gather any info I’ll let you know.

Thanks for the inquiry!

*[UPDATE: According to Woot Staff, the product is listed as "*“Tiffany Art glass / Resin” ".
The specs don’t appear to list plastic anywhere.]

I hope this information has been helpful!

The shades are a plastic-like material, not true glass. I just received mine. I wouldn’t buy another, because I think the description given here is somewhat deceptive.

If I’m spending $100 on plastic, there had better be electronics inside. In other words, I expected better for the price.

My first disappointing Woot purchase.
The quality of the shade is very poor - inconsistent solder lines, uneven placement of pieces and gaps. I am not sure if it is glass at all - too lightweight. And the base is not cast metal but some other substance.
I would not buy for $99 in a local store.
So sad. I was really looking forward to something that looked like the ones pictured.