Dalstrong German Steel 18 PC Knife Set

Dalstrong German Steel 18 PC Knife Set


Couldn’t help myself. :smiley:

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OMFG! Do you realise what has just happened here?
For the first time in like, forever, they are NOT counting the block as part of the numbered piece set.
Think about it. 18 things that you can actually use daily. Well, the honing steel and bird beak paring knife, eh not daily… And only a 9" bread knife? Ok, not like you are going to do biased cut bread presentation.
So 15 awesome cut thingies!
So wow.


Does anyone know if this is made in Germany or just “German steel?” made in China?

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Is this “stainless” steel or Carbon (will rust) steel?

Probably made in China. If Germany, they would have said it.
BTW, I got a really good German knife here (just one) and use it every day. Got rid of all kinds of kitchen gadgets. ONE good knife.

Reading the reviews over on Amazon they are made in China.

Look in the 1-star reviews (not many) for someone who returned them because the box said made in China and then read the response from the company.

Company actually posted a well written and lengthy response to every 1-star review.

Yeah, but can it cut through a steel pipe. I miss my Ghinzu knife :frowning:

FYI - These are “High Carbon” steel knives, NOT stainless steel. No, they will not wreak havoc on your TV reception or disintegrate in your dishwasher (they may, however, RUST or stain in the dishwasher if not cared for properly). The difference is the inclusion of chromium in the mix, which stainless has and high carbon does not. High carbon steel is trickier to hone to a very fine edge but is harder than stainless so Yes, you will become very good friends with the honing rod. There is a lot of give-and-take and the high carbon vs. stainless debate is almost as raucous as that between pick-up truck brands. It does, however, pay to become familiar with the differences between the two types as well as being adept with the honing rod.

Here is some reference for anyone who wants to check it out: https://www.knifeworks.com/stainless-vs-high-carbon-steel-blades

Morning all. Staff has confirmed that these are made in China but the steel is from Germany.

UPDATE: High-carbon German stainless steel . Handle is Spanish pakkawood.

Made in China and stamped. Pass.

I bought my forged wusthof knives from the actual factory in Solingen. Pricy for chinese stamped knives.

There’s no real way to source the steel :frowning:

@GRam1125 Where do you see that they are stamped? From the description:

“Each blade is a precision forged”