Damasukasu Japanese Master Chef Hanshu Blade Set

Damasukasu Japanese Master Chef Hanshu Blade Set

The knife lengths in the description are completely different from the lengths shown in the photos. Can someone clarify the correct lengths?

made in China?


The blade lengths match. Are you comparing the blade length to the knife length?

These knives aren’t for lefties. They are right handed chisel honed.

It seems these aren’t really Japanese artisan knives.


for the price, I wouldn’t expect these to be really Japanese artisan knives…


Will these cut my huntspoint meat flaps?


These never said they are damascus steel. The name sounds similar, but these are monosteel, and the set I got last time have been great. Very sharp, hold an edge well, and the handles are quite comfortable. At this price I highly recommend this set for anyone looking to experiment with single-bevel blades to see if they like them.

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Will this work with my Zune?




False advertising. These blades are not full tang because there are no visible rivets that go through the handle and all 3 of the knives’ handles were crooked when you eye down the spine of the handle to the back of the blade. They are not anywhere close to a 12 degree angle blade edge. The quality of the metal is workmanship is horrible where you can actually see edges of back of the blade and where it meets the handle are not fully ground down and buffed properly and those edges are very sharp and unfinished; there were actually pits in the face of the blades. There seems to be no quality control and this set is not even worth half it’s discounted price. I would not recommend this to anyone. Hope this review helps you!

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