Danby ArticAire 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

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Danby ArticAire 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier
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7/10/2017 - $139.99

Dang it! I needed one that works the opposite way.

This looks like a great deal if you need one since 99% of the dehumidifiers are made by two companies no matter what the brand.

It looks like it might have actually been Danby who stupidly misspelled “Arctic” rather than Woot, since I’m seeing other references to the same spelling.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to verify from the source, as Danby appears to have dropped that name, at least in reference to this model.

Thing is there aren’t any good dehumidifiers any more. Few will make it more than 3 years. If they offered a 3 or 4 year warranty extension I would get one. Got one 3 years ago from Walmart and got the warranty extension and about 3 months before the third year came around it went out so I got a new one for $14 after the credit from the warranty extension. This included paying for another 4 year extension too.

I should have waited. I just purchased an LG brand for $277 so this is a really good price. It surprisingly pulls a lot of moisture out of the air. The only downside is that it releases heat from the fan. I got it thinking that if I make it less humid then I would save on running the AC unit. I think it must work like a window AC unit turned backwards? Anyway, it does pull gallons of water out of the air a day but you will have to dump out the bucket multiple times or install a continuous drain tube.

Well…it is a Chinese company that makes it LOL

what are the dimensions on the unit? how much does it weigh?

From the bottom of the Features tab:

Dimensions: 17.5’‘x13.5’‘x25.5’’; 49 lbs

It is the quality control issue in China. These importers slap their name on them and likely have never seen the factory. I have a unit that runs great year-afer-year (not same name, but same design). The next one you get might last six months. Nobody cares unless they are heavily invested in the design of the product, like Apple, etc.

I’ve had to throw two name-brand humidifiers away in the last few years. Never mind the cost, the wasted energy and pollution created during production of these things is absurd.

I spent a bunch to buy a 5-year extended warranty on the new one, and I’ll be surprised if it makes it. I could’ve bought 2 of these for the same money, but again, the waste.

Maybe these cheap Chinese dehus are all made by 2 companies but high quality dehus that actually dry instead of just suck up electricity are made by Therma-Stor. They produce Quest, Ultra-Aire, Santa Fe, and Phoenix, made in Madison, WI.

I’m confused about the listed capacity. 33 liters is like 8 gallons or so? This unit doesn’t seem large enough for the storage of 8 gallons.

It will remove a total of 70 pints in a day. 70 pints = 33 liters. You will have to either empty it a couple times a day or connect a hose if this model has one.

Does this model include the drain hose, or would I need to purchase it separately? Amazon comments are ambiguous as to whether it’s part of the package. Thanks!

It has the adapter to hook up a drain hose but does not include an actual hose to the drain. The adapter is nice and is actually screwed into the unit unlike my old one which would loosen as it ran and then drain into the bucket. This one doesn’t have that issue. This one is also quieter than my last one which is a huge bonus!

What is the amps/watts for this?

This looks to be the Op. Manual for it if anyone else has questions/concerns


I bought a Danby dehumidifier and it lasted less than 2 years (only used in the summer). Danby customer service refused to do anything about it (and were quite rude about it, too).

Do yourself a favor and avoid Danby products.