Danby Chill'n Tap Keg Cooler Kegerator

Mine arrived in a pretty sub par condition. The top of the unit has some deep gouge marks, the fan grill on the back of the unit is smashed in pretty decently. There is a hole in the unit that someone simply toss a strip of black duct tape over as a “fix” the stainless front is decently scuffed. Not worth $300 when a new unit was $350 on black friday. Might just be disputing the entire charge with bank of america.

Disputing the charge and keeping the unit? Mine arrived in similar condition. I’m all excited to get a Keg running this weekend but now I’m wondering if that will just be a nightmare scenario.

Spoke to woot, $30 or return. They sent me the label and will be shipping it back. It’s beat up, if you use Amazon warehouse the description would fall under acceptable at best. The door has dents on it too I just noticed. $299 seemed like a deal but just to much blemishes for me. The duct tape covering a hole in the back of the unit was the kicker. Couple d with horrible reviews… I’ll buy one this weekend for $100 more.