Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner


Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner
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3.7 Stars over at Best Buy

Not so good on Amazon. These things are not a very good option for window units.

These work, but not so great in all instances. By their design they exhaust warm, moist air from your living space, while cooling, and removing moisture from outside air that is replacing the air that is exhausted.

The “new” air comes in from the outside through small cracks and crevaces in your home. So, if that new air is very humid the machine will have a tough time dehumidifying. Should the new air be very warm, like in Phoenix in the summer it will have a tough time cooling.

Window air conditioners recycle the air in the house, cooling and dehumidifying it. They are more effective at what they do.

That said, I have a similar model in my basement. The summers are humid. I have a dehumidifyer running and it produces a lot of heat. I can turn on the portable air conditioner that exhausts out of my basement window and it is blowing cool air in a few minutes making it more comfortable in that space.

So, an 8,000 BTU machine will behave like maybe a 5-6,000 BTU window unit in my opinion.

Portable? So I can use this at the pool?

Can i use this on my wife when we argue? Or i might need the 14000BTU for that…

This point comes up every time these kind of units come on sale, but we never find pointers to where we can can find the better ones.

Google “dual hose portable air conditioner”. These designs dont exhaust air from inside.