Dancing Party Animals

So, I guess everyone who wanted one got one last week/over the birthday extravaganza? I thought there’d be more action here.

Here’s a video:

So I have to tether my music with a cord?! Meh. Maybe for two bucks, but not twelve and shipping AND tax.

Ever heard of bluetooth?

I’m sure the next round of R&D woot does on this product they will take that advice into consideration before production…

Spike the dog has a Hitler moustache.

Have you heard of Bluetooth Receivers? Get yourself one of those and you can make almost any speaker bluetooth enabled including these awesome party animals.

Cobra Digital’s donations to PETA was a deal-killer for me! :frowning:

LOL, his name should have been Fritz!

Very informative link.
Why would you trust Cobra?

What a joke. No dancing just shaking (rocking) from side to side.

My two ordered last week came in today, and my coworkers (ages 36 to 65) had 20 minutes worth of amazing laughter, courtesy of Cleo the cat and


My friend has one of these and his cat keeps attacking it. A real cat that is.

Sorry missed this during the last week’s celebration. I’m afraid I’ll have to hold out until you have dancing hamsters. And bluetooth ones as well.

Most sincerely,
Hamsterdam AZ Inc Non-Profit Small Animal Rescue

These are on amazon for $10.99 and only $2.99 for shipping! Woot please try harder to beat out others in your pricing. I come to woot to look for real deals!

I bought two Cleos from this sale, one for me in Indiana and one for my sister in Texas. I planned on giving it to her for Thanksgiving or Christmas or something…

I believe I will be keeping both as they are different!! One looks female and the other male…I can’t part them now… ;_; Why did you do this to me Woot!!!

Anyways, here is a poor quality video taken on a 10% battery tablet moments ago: [youtube=fGaFLGwjHbQ][/youtube]