Dancing Root

Nice pun. I AM GROOT!

At last, I am the first sucker for something! Not sure if crowning achievement, or a metaphorical dunce cap.

Either way, I’m glad this printed. Rocket looks so adora- err, snazzy! Yes, snazzy.

I really need some sleep.

Gardeners of the Galaxy. Snort.

Is it wrong that I was terribly attracted to Groot in all his muscled, rooty, branchy glory and every time he sprouted a leaf, I melted. I have this major girl-on-Groot crush! THIS SHIRT SCREAMS IN THE FOREST EVEN IF NO ONE HEARS! A must have!

P.S. Move over dancing gopher in Caddyshack…Groot’s root is busting a move.

Ecstatic! Fits in with my plan to be a raccoon when I grow up and my love of gardening! Even we raccoons have a nurturing side!

I am Groot!

(In for one!)


Dear woot

It is getting cold out
please feature much jesery zip hoodies
much buy.



Had to come back for two more; there will be three of us here wearing this shirt because, …“We are all Groot.”


-Still need to see this movie- Grats on the win man, your illo style is wonderful!

And for crafters, here is a fun tutorial on how to make a rooted Groot. [youtube=W2zbDnO47BU][/youtube]

Love the soundtrack to this movie.