Dane-Elec TRON Legacy 8GB & 4GB USB Drive Set

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Dane-Elec TRON Legacy 8GB & 4GB USB Drive Set
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Love it!!!

Love it!!!

Oh, for fuck sakes, those things are not monkeys either.

Are they fast at all???

You can tote around all your Daft Punk

i bet if you kept these in the packaging in pristine condition they would be worth more in 50 years :slight_smile:

Pass. Definite Pass.

Really - this is almost as good as the sperm fertility test kit earlier today. When is the ovulation kit going to show up?

I take it that these are USB 2.0 and not USB 3.0?

Hmm, with shipping that a buck and half per gig…

Or… ummm… worthless.

$29.99 for 12GB worth of storage complete with annoying sounds? Um, no. No, thanks.

I just found the best deal of the day. 2 Big Macs for $4. Thanks woot for having advertisement. (wootoffs have gone down hill since the Amazon takeover haven’t they?)

people would be like - what’s a usb??

That has to be the coolest USB drive to ever be wooted… and you get two of varying storage capacities!

omg classic TRON - gold

Got these last time they were offered and I love em, but just a warning: they rev up with a teenie little tron cycle noise when you plug them in, so they may not be the best for work. It only lasts a few seconds, but still…

I found this out when I inserted one in a large meeting and had to quickly pull it to avoid undesired attention from the Alphas.

These look much cooler in their packaging.