Dane-Elec TRON Legacy 8GB & 4GB USB Drive Set

Oh god I hope these aren’t the last things on this woot off…

“Not all Tron USB drives go up in price, some go down.” - Franklin Mint

leave it to the children of the '80s to scream that they need USB’s in the shape of TRON bikes.

Decent deal as far as price. The cheapest I have found for each is approximatly $22 (total $44). Although even with the $10 savings (when you factor shipping costs) it’s still to expensive for 12GB of USB 2.0. Just bought a 32GB USB 3.0 usb drive for $60. Think I’ll pass on these.

I smell monkey…

Oh C’mon! Tron was AWESOME! I’m a huge film nerd and 80’s movies are my guilty pleasure. One of our bulk reo sellers bought a couple for our main bulk reo office and it’s been hysterical.

The noise is funny and it fits in with our crazy office hijinks. Okay, so there are larger capacity drives for less, BUT it’s really just the gimmick that you’re paying for. And really? Life’s too short to care about the price.

I’d love to see a Goonies or Gremlins version.