Dane-Elec TRON Legacy 8GB & 4GB USB Drive Set

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Dane-Elec TRON Legacy 8GB & 4GB USB Drive Set
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Crap on a stick!!!


Do not attempt to ride.

no lie. these are pretty cool

GEEK alert!!!


They look very cool, but $30 for 12G of storage?
Not today…

Too true.

Perfect for the TRON guy from Tosh.0 and America’s got no talent… not so much for me.

More than a flashdrive

$5 less than last time they were offered… :confused:

I feel like these have been in every woot-off since the movie was released!

These look awesome but not spending 30 bucks when I already have like 20 USB laying around the house

What is the risk of self-digitizing when using a Tron device on one’s own computer?

more tron??? sheesh.

Kind of cool looking. Easily the best TRON themed item featured yet. The fact that there has been more then one TRON themed item really says a lot about this Wootoff

if that guy actually dates that chick i need to speak with her and see if she is sane

Who would think that the dirt seasoning would be the best thing offered during this WootOff?