Dare by Viader Tempranillo - 2 Pack

Dare by Viader Tempranillo - 2 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 2008 Dare by Viader Tempranillo
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Winery website

This is a little pricey, but Viader makes great wines so I’m considering it.

I found this tasting video, but I’m not sure which vintage they are tasting:


Is this an old world style?

Thank you woot off notifier! I bought 2. Dare label cab franc is one of my favorites. It was an “a ha” wine.

I’m positive that this will be awesome, if not a bit more than I feel like spending considernig my SIWBM…and the recession.

“Got something of value to say about today’s Woot? You’d be the first. Somebody, anybody, give us a quality post. We’re dying here.”

As soon as a new offer appears at 10PM PST, Cesare posts a link to winery websites, CT notes, and previous w.w offers from the winery, and these posts are designated as quality posts each day. Yet for the last two offers, these posts have appeared as usual, despite the timing of the offers, but the incessant begging for a quality post, quoted above, makes one wonder if anyone is actually reading what is being posted.

$40/bottle @ winery + shipping or savings of $25 + difference in shipping costs.

I agree with RWF that it’s a little pricey, but may try so I can compare $$$$$ to $. Darn it, I missed TO Temp.

+1 on the cab franc…can’t wait to try this!

At $40 a bottle normally on wine searcher, this is only about a $9 discount. Unless I see something really glowing, I think I am gonna wait for the next one.

Found a tasting score… But don’t have subscription to see what was said…


Late to the party. I’m answering questions back on the Twisted thread if anyone is still interested in the answers…:wink:

The box isn’t populated automagically, just for reference. :slight_smile:

Anyone know the % alcohol and drinking window on these?

What the heck…what’s another $60 when I’m down 35K in my 401ks. Drink these and I’ll forget about the losses!!!

El Jefe have you tried any of the Viader temps?

Maybe we should all cash out our 401ks to spend on wine before it gets eaten by the market anyhow. At least we’ll have nice cellars to show for it.

Is it on the last offer or in community?

I’m assuming these are 750mls. for the price? Looking at past vintages the tasting notes mentioned 375s. But WW usually tells us if their the smaller size.

I have not, I’m afraid. I can tell you that their wines are highly regarded though. One of the things I’ve wanted to do within TAPAS is have some sort of “prisoner exchange” program where we can try each other’s wines. I haven’t figured out a way to do that without shipping issues… (You’d think I’d get a chance at our yearly TAPAS Grand Wine Tasting, but I’m usually so busy it never happens.)

I love Viader wines and just got back from a tasting tour that included Viader. I agree the cab franc is wonderful but have never had a bad Viader wine.
If I remember correctly this was a very smooth wine without harsh tannins. I’m just glad Woot is offering some Viader for a change.

The last offer for the Twisted Oak Tempranillo.