Dare by Viader Tempranillo - 2 Pack

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In May/Jun 2010 Tanzer rated 89-92 pts, and used phrases like “lovely purity and considerable sex appeal […] Finishes impressively long […] this very promising wine makes the finished 2007 come off as stunted and dry by comparison.”

In May/Jun 2011 he seemed less enthused and issued an 88 (far from a condemnation; Tanzer’s considerably stingier with points than say Parker or Spectator) and said things like “Nicely concentrated […] cherry, spices and flowers […] dusty, slightly drying tannins. More complex than merely fruity.”

Kind of a thread hijack, yet kind of related. When a winery provides a drinking window such as this - 2006 Calaveras County Tempranillo, this wine would best be served within two to seven years of cellaring to properly soften the natural tannins and acidity. Is the window from today, or from the vintage year?
Thanks in advance

yes, 750’s.

Where do you do your math? Inclusive of shipping, this is a $9/bottle discount…so merely 25%. But wait, if you bought it at a store, you’d pay sales tax (add $1-4/bottle) and if you ordered from the winery, you’d pay 5-10/bottle shipping.

Plus it comes to your door! r u 4 real?

A sincere “Happy Birthday” Peter(SB)!!! Take a well deserved day off. Probably are wondering how I found out? Nice post MdS!! Mine is in 4 days - holding at 30 for 33 yrs!!!

Hi redwinefan! I’m running the winery all by myself today, so sorry to just join the convo now…

I’m pretty sure we were tasting the 2006 vintage in Dallas with Alex of wines.com. We began our “daring” project to make Tempranillo from the Napa Valley in 2003. My mother Delia loves the approachability and softer tannins of the Tempranillo (compared to our estate reds). It’s the first wine in our tasting line up and surprises most guests who visit the winery. They can’t always pronounce it, but they always love it!

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Hi iByron - the clone is Ribera del Duero, so it’s a riper heartier version of tempranillo. Although it is balanced, it does not have the higher acidity like wines from Rioja. It’s more round, with fruit aromas. I’ll be posting the tasting notes on our website www.viader.com very soon.

I tasted this wine last August at the winery, along with the other Viader wines. This is a very nice Temp. It was the only purchase we made, and if I were at home, I’d pull it from the cellar right now to give tasting notes.

I don’t have tasting notes from last August, but FWIW: I’m a big Rioja fan. This was much more old world Temp than what many Cali wineries are putting out as Temp (which I don’t care for).

I wouldn’t say this is a steal, but it is cheaper than you can get elsewhere for a good (not knock your socks off) Temp.

Hi y’all,

Having web issues, but here is the link to the 2008 tasting notes: http://viader.com/downloads/tp08.pdf

These were our impressions at the winery:
Showing a dense ruby and purple color, with aromas of wild strawberries, fresh cherries with a hint of candied sweetness, rose petals, and scents recalling mineral graphite. On the palate this wine offers red fruits, sweet spices, earthy complexity, and a depth of flavor illuminated by a gentle acidity and ripe tannins. Very approachable because of its wealth of fruit and suppleness.

Janet Viader

Those words actually sound familiar, but I’m not finding where we say that… in any case, that sounds like it’s being specified from the product release date, which I’m trying not to do any more. It’s better to specify it from the vintage date since that’s one date that everyone knows!

My current opinion on the 2006 is “drink between now and 2014”.

+1 for mplarkin’s post. I’ve had the 2006-2008’s at the winery, and all were tasty, but without the kick-you-in-the-teeth bigness and complexity of Viader’s other wines (cabs, cab blend, Petit Verdot blends), and also without the $80+ price tag!

The DARE Cab Franc is their best QPR by far, always the first to sell out. I’ve got about almost case of it. The temp is good, but unless your a CA temp fanboy, at that price point there are other good options (Rioja’s, Ribera’s, etc). But this is a better price than you’ll get anywhere else, and this is probably the cheapest intro you’ll find to this great winery!

Also - go visit them. One of the most beautiful tasting rooms with maybe the best view in all of Napa valley.

Thanks for jumping in Janet!

Hey boatman72, I wanted to get back to you regarding the abv – it’s 14.5% for our 2008. It’s very well integrated with the ripe strawberries on the nose and the roundness on the palate.

I’m intrigued by the Tempranillo fruit qualities and minerality. In for one.

Thanks for the recommendation goodericman! We say we have “wines as breathtaking as the views.” From our winery’s post on Howell Mountain, we conduct tastings overlooking our vineyards, Bell Canyon Reservoir, the valley floor vineyards from St. Helena to Calistoga, and across to the Mayacamas Mountains (Spring and Diamond Mountains).

A picture is worth 1000 words: http://www.viader.com/galleries.html

-janet v.

yea, Viader is Gorgeous.