Daresay Mens Athletic Shorts with Pockets 5-Pack

Daresay Mens Athletic Shorts with Pockets 5-Pack

I would be interested in buying these if I had any idea what size they are. Is the waist measurement lying flat - in inches? is it in circumference in centimeters? C’mon woot - just what size are these anyway?

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Yep, that’s per pair. :slight_smile:

The Amazon (and other websites I found by searching) sites don’t have useful sizing either. I’m at a loss.

I’d almost consider this if helpful size info were available. But even guessing that the sizing is as @bagpiper stated, then it’s still not that useful. What size would you get with a 32" waist? Small would go from 26"-46".
Also, it’s dirt cheap compared to $10ea, but who needs 5? I’d roll the dice for a 2-pack @ $10-11.

Hi all! Just heard that these are “Lie Flat” measurements so double them for circumference.

So XXL is 17 inches lay flat x 2 = 34 circumference . I’m not sure what country has a 34 inch waste as XXL but it’s not USA.

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Beware, I bought L size and it runs like 38 - 42, if you are between 30-34 I recommend everyone to buy S, if you are between 34-38 you should go with M.

I have bought L because I’m L in PUMA, but in this is like XL.

I recommend everyone to buy one size less than his normal size.



Hi there. I’m sorry for the sizing issue. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

in my opinion these were a waste of money. The price isn’t bad for 5 pairs of shorts and the design is cool but the second they get to your house you will notice they fit extremely baggy (nothing like the photo) and the materials they are made with are as cheap as they come.

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I was really disappointed in the quality of these shorts. The fabric is really thin & cheap. The sizing is horrible. All 5, although all size small, were different waist sizes. They ranged in size from a boys large to men’s large. So, I guess one in five fit. Complete waste of money.

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