Daresay Men's Zipper Pocket Cargo Shorts

Daresay Men's Zipper Pocket Cargo Shorts

So I got mine today. Their called ‘Zipper Pocket’ Cargo Shorts with ‘…strategically placed zippers’. The zippers open to nothing, no pockets. I thought maybe the pockets were sewn closed but no. Some kind of strategic retro Das Sprockets fashion fail I guess. Or was it cheaper not to add the pockets? At least there’s plenty of pocket space anyway.

Got mine today. Comes from a Chinese company called Trust. No wonder I couldn’t find any reviews for these. Spent a good 45 minutes going through and getting rid of all the loose threading on all three that I ordered. Quality control must not exist with these. Hope they survive the first wash.

These shorts for sure are not what I expected them to be. Was thinking they would have zippered pockets. Bope just the zipper(s) for some kind of look. Had I known I wouldnt have ordered them but there was no reviews yet.

I’ve gotten better shorts from Costco.

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