Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries



The Candy Basket Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials, 18 oz.
$24.99 (Normally $39.95) 37% off List Price
Winter Precautions: Ships in 3-5 Business Days
Delivered in time for Valentine’s Day

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Does this work out to about a dollar per piece? :-o


Sorry if this is stupid, but does the brandy in the ingredients add any non-negligible alcohol content, or is it minimal? (I realize this might be a subjective question…)


The Candy Basket side sale over at home.woot is still going on for just a bit longer too.



yes. 28 cherries for $30 delivered.


Mmmm dark chocolate and cherries. Nothing can go wrong.

Anyone know how these compare vs the staple “red” box choc covered cherries you see all over especially around Christmas? Just curious as I still have plenty of those. If these were like crazy delicious and a must buy like the salted caramels I’ll have to think long ans hard before my decision can be made.


At first glance, it looked like you guys were selling snails! Including a severely injured snail at that.


DID YOU READ THE DESCRIPTION? I was drooling by the end.


I love chocolate covered cherries. I don’t like chocolate covered cherries with alcohol. Thank goodness these have it so I can not buy them.


No offense to Candy Basket, but THESE are the ones you want: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BZ9EI8/ref=ox_ya_os_product. The cherries have not been maraschinoed, there is no sugary-sweet fondant, it’s just yummy dark chocolate surrounding a cherry floating drunkenly in a pool of excellent brandy. (Definitely not for children - or only the very precocious ones.) They are imported from Germany, and are only available for a brief period every year.

I’m still hoarding a remaining precious few left from a Xmas purchase …


I have to agree with ginawoot on this one. If you’re a cherry cordial lover, Asbach is the best I’ve ever had.


If you are someone who doesn’t want the sugary filling or the alcohol:
Chocolate covered Bing Cherries
Problem, of course, is since they are not too sweet, you can consume large quantities at a time. Yummy snack treat !
You can even share them with children **if ** you want. Big if. You might not want to share them with anyone at all .


So bummed it has milk fat (butter). :frowning: Otherwise I was in for 3.


Holy frijoles… 60 calories a piece!


But it has FRUIT and, as everyone knows, fruit is healthy and cancels out all calories!


As much I absolutely love cherry cordials, these are a tad pricey at almost a dollar each. Normally that would not stop me, but when I also factor in the two boxes of salted caramels I still have, and the three boxes of candy I just bought from the Home Plus! sale (1 truffle and two caramels), I just can’t jump on this sale. They should have salted some of these and included them in the Salted Assortment on the Plus sale!


So what you’re saying is package up some gourmet salt, a creme brulee torch and call it a “salt your own” kit? Would that work for you?


Yes, I am now a firm believer that all chocolate products should be salted. I think it is a no-brainer. SALT SELLS!


So please go buy some salt. :smiley: