Dark Grey Reusable Face Mask, 5-Pack

Dark Grey Reusable Face Mask, 5-Pack

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I bought these recently. If you have a large head don’t buy them. I took one with me, opened it up and it barely covered my face. If I had to talk the bottom would would pop off my lower chin and roll up under just under my lips.


I bought these recently as well. They’re very comfortable, soft material, but like others, they are too small for my face, either my chin pops out when I talk as well or it pulls down off my nose. Also, the picture shows it looking rigid, creased, firm. In reality its soft and floppy.


I also bought these Face Masks and they seem to run small or maybe I just have a big fat face. I don’t think it has anything to do with the weight I’ve put on over the last few months. Yeah… no, it totally has everything to do with the extra weight.
I am lucky that at least my mask stays on when I talk. That said, I do think they are made for smaller faces. Wait. Maybe, just maybe, all face masks cover some people’s entire faces because they’re the ones with out of the norm small faces. My bad, I got sidetracked. The face masks are pretty awesome and I love the soft material. I like that I can wash them and then steam dry them. Just my two cents worth. :grimacing:

I bought these masks because the ad said a PM2.5 filter can be used with them. The package says a PM2.5 filter can be used with the mask. There should be a pocket the PM2.5 filter should go into (says so in the ad and the wrapper the mask came with). There is no pocket for any type of filter, that I can find anywhere on the mask.

They run very small, they will fit my kids well, but they smell really bad right out of the box. After washing they are better, but still have a chemical odor to them.

I got a couple batches of these. My short take…

  1. They are comfortable
  2. They fit well. I have a ‘medium’ size face and they fit perfect.
  3. They are well built (the cloth, elastic straps don’t feel cheap
  4. Being GREY, they don’t show dirt like the ones with the WHITE inside liner
  5. They “blend” in to the face, meaning they don’t bulge out and give you a “beak”
  6. The little beads that come with it so you can “id” your mask is a nice idea if you hand these out to household family members.

The part I’m not over the top about. FILTERS. I have purchased various “cloth” masks since Nov of last year. Most use the P2.5 style filters (which these DO NOT COME WITH). I’ve even purchased MERV 13 filter material to make that EXTRA layer of filtering protection and cut them to match the P2.5 form. These masks have little flaps on both sides where you TUCK the ends of your filter in. So, the filter material is up against your face, nose, mouth, depending on how your mask fits. I have found if you adjust your mask while it’s on your face, or just do a lot of talking, the filter doesn’t fit in those flaps and can come dislodged and you find yourself adjusting the filter alot. If the flaps were half inch wider or if the filters were a half inch or even an inch wider, that would be perfect. Most of my masks have a FULL pocket to hold the filter in place. But these just have tabs on both sides of the mask. Makes breathing better sure, but at what cost? Stay safe.

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I’ve purchased these twice before and happy to purchase more. These are the most comfortable I have found. I have a big head - most masks are so tight on my ears they are painful.(standard one-size fits all baseball hats do not fit my head). I am able to just pull the bead off the straps and it’s large enough to start. After a while they do stretch a bit, so I put the bead back on the very end of the straps. I think my face is somewhat larger than most and I’ve never had any problems getting the mask to cover my nose and mouth when I’m talking.

Ridiculously Small. They did not fit the faces of any adult in the family or child over the age of 8. They are soft and comfortable. The straps adjust well. I purchased for myself for work, but cannot use them due to the size. Unfortunately, woot failed to list size, dimensions or any other pertinent information in the listing to guide its consumers.

These things are like me trying to squeeze into a thong, pull and pull but they will never provide any cover. These things are kid sized masks they would not come anywhere close to fitting my face but I have a big head so my wife tried them on and they were very small on her but they did fit my 9 year old. Also my wife and son both complained about a chemical smell that I hope washes out. Don’t buy for adults.

Concurring with what others have said here, the pictures are very deceptive.

These are comfortable, but crazily small. Ironically, they’re also crazily loose fitting and ill-equipped to hold the PM 2.5 filters they suggest to place inside…the pockets are far too shallow to do securely.

I know, because I ordered 100 filters (they’re technically disposable) to accompany the 5 masks I purchased last time. And now I’m sorry I did.