Dark Side of the Crap

couldn’t load anything :()



1 bag???


3??? Geez that never even showed up on the community page.

Didn’t show on the community page until sold out GRRRRRRRRRR

It never came up did it?

Clicked “I Want One” and it gave me a 404 page? Multiple times?

Now you get a 404 error on a BOC and it still sells out in 1 second …what a joke this site is turning into to

it certainly didn’t. community is lagging now.

this one sold out before it hit the community page. they’re on to us!
(I’ve not been following this woot off at all…)

That was nuts, where was it? Also, I think wootstalker picked up a future sale.

oh my… how exciting another situation with Woot’s server!

Looks like there was only 10 bags again.

It took almost 2 minutes for the first one to be sold? Something really odd about that.

Because it was never there. It does not have to be!

Anyone else notice the blatant server 403 message? Or was that just me?

never even saw it