Dark Side of the Crap

What in the 'ell. Nothing loaded and it was sold out before the page even came up. Calling BS on this one. @FTC

same here…

Who are these bots getting them all?

Yep… no show on community page until after sold out. Boo


I was giving this link in my browser from the I want One Button - http://www.woot.com/offers/dark-side-of-the-crap?ref=cnt_dly_wobtn which took me to a page that didn’t exist… so sadz

scam. I hear it’s fake. No way to get a BOC. Stop wasting time folks. Read a book.

That was super weird. Refreshing the community page and nothing came up so I hovered over the woot home page and saw the crap. Clicked the image and was taken to the “hmm we can’t find that page.” Kept refreshing that URL and nothing ever came up. Then when it does come up, they URL is exactly the same as what I had been refreshing.

So odd.

2 minutes to first WOOT? Not possible. I call shenanigans.

wouldnt load

it never showed on the main page either

Same thing, bullshit!

how do i keep missing!!!~!~

I think I had that page come up about 6 times as well

Same … I think it was an intentional fake out