Dark Side Of The Rainbow-Chip Cookie

Mmm prismed…

Nothing prettier than a patrickspens cookie rainbow.


I hear if you eat cookies while watching the Wizard of Oz you can see an oompa loompa drowning in milk backwards…

Shouldn’t #5 be “The Great Gig in the Sky”?
Or maybe “The Great Big Cookie in the Sky”?

I feel like this is a great shirt to insert into my rotation while giving me a reason/opportunity to retire my old, old Binge.

Watch your back if you plan on wearing this in Russia during the Olympics :slight_smile:

Blue Damage

The monster is in the jar.
The monster is in the jar.
Devouring sweets and chocolate chips and crumbs.
Got to keep the cookies in the jar.

How is this done with only 6 colors!? That’s quite impressive.

Gotta love a prismatic Cookie Monster.

There is no orange (red and yellow stripes) nor violet (red and blue stripes).

Was this the prelude to the Binge shirt? The one where Cookie Monster realized his calling?

Welcome to the science of colours.
Prof. Roy G. Biv taught most of us artists well.

Seventies Sesame Street was the best (and weirdest) Sesame Street.

Brings back memories of getting up early on Sunday mornings, going out on the deck and sparking up. Then going back in and watching Sesame Street and laughing hysterically {and yes, sometimes cookies were involved!} ; )

Awesome! Congrats!

worthless marketing geeks. I want this in a pull over sweatshirt. it is winter you wasted fools and pullover hoodies keep me warm. I don’t want zip up - and I don’t care what anyone else likes by the way. I want this in a pullover hoodie - and I want it now. thank you and have a nice day.

fantastic twin to pair with my “Dark Side of the Cookie Monster” Tshirt from the museum of rock n roll … thanks patrickspens!

So… shrooms are legal now.