Spoiler alert: People will buy this shirt.

Congrats taternuggets for scoring with another universal truth shirt ; )

Best guess: this is funny and creative.

Disclaimer: I have no idea why.

Probably the same reason people find The Vine funny, which I also don’t understand. :snob:

Spoiler: People will complain about this shirt.

Hey, looky, some truth in advertising.

This shirt will now be my uniform in life.

This is cool, but it would be way more awesome if it also had glow-in-the-dark spoilers all over it.

(I would buy… especially if they were silly/obvious spoilers.)

Yes. It is. It is also full of cats. Coincidence?

Congrats on breaking the cat streak, Tater!


Aemon Targaryen is Luke Skywalker’s father!

Congrats Taternuggets!!! Love it :slight_smile:

But delete wipes them all away…

and here i thought it was full of a55 hats…

Is my memory going, or was it the last time Tater printed his design contained only words (and he won the Citiq)? I was hoping the writers would draw the writeup again.

My new favorite shirt.

Wow! Thanks for all the votes to get this printed. :slight_smile: For anyone not getting the reference, it’s a Game of Thrones shirt.