Daron Executive Aviation Models

As an Aviation model collector, Daron (who also makes SkyMarks) is the cheapest of the cheapest when it comes to quality of models.

These are great if you’re not picky about the detail, but for real collectors or aviation geeks, they’re toy-like and leaves much to be desired.

No B-24 Liberator or P-38 Lightning? Feh.

I wish I had $1000 to spare, because I would buy 7 or 8 different ones.

I tried but they were out of stock.

I was hoping to find a 777.


So what company would you recommend that sells better quality models?

whew Thanks - I think you just saved me $140. :slight_smile:

Where are these manufactured? Don’t let me down and say China!

EDIT: Nvm, see it listed as Phillipines in the specs.


Could you suggest a better model brand?

I noticed the P-51 model says “Glamorous Glen”, which was a reference to Glennis Dickhouse, Chuck Yeager’s girlfriend at the time, later his wife. Hopefully, this company has a license from Chuck Yeager’s current wife, Victoria Scott D’Angelo, or else she’ll sue the pants off this company.

Depends on which scale you would like your aircraft in.

For a nicer basic model, Hogan makes a decent model.

Phoenix makes a high quality model.

Herpa (if you can find them) makes really nice models as well

The bread and butter for high quality models would be Gemini Jets.

Don’t believe me? Look at how the auctions are working out on Amazon’s auction-style competitor (am I allowed to name it?). Brands like GeminiJets, Herpa, and Phoenix command high prices while Daron and Skymarks models are priced low and mostly neglected.

Look at the photos on Amazon. Most Daron models have that awkward belly-piece that snaps into the model that just looks horrible compared to other brands.

If you’re going to be spending all that money on aircraft models, get nicer ones!