Daron WWII Airplane Models

At these prices, I’d expect transparent canopies and blisters instead of silver painted ‘simulated’ glass/plexi.

Not impressed.


But I can’t justify paying even 1/4 the price, for one.

I work for a Japanese company. Would putting the Enola Gay in my office be a career limiting decision?

I feel the same way and it seems odd that US WWll era airplane models are made in China. Those things should sell for, at most, $12.95 or so. Lots of money for a little piece of mahogany. No thanks.

Blech. These look pretty crummy, especially given the price tag. Honestly, even many snap-tite model kits would come out looking more impressive than these, and those would only run you about $10 or so. Of course, you have to do a little work, but still.

They are over priced. Even at the Smithsonian they have models like this (plastic and rubber) that are cheaper. :frowning:

I’d be okay w/ the price if they were made in the USA. Made in China?

I hate to be a nit-picker, but I’ve read a lot about the F4U Corsair squadron VMF-214, the famed “Black Sheep,” whose markings are supposed to be on the Corsair model. Unfortunately, the markings are from Korea, not World War II.

At these prices I would expect them to be gas powered replicas. Think I’ll pass.

I paid less than 20 each for these planes and some more I’m about to post I love planes but the prices of the one they got is crazy,just crazy, and I bought these brand new I would buy more but not what there asking even if I had the money

it’s really sad because I would like to buy some of these but, I rather pay an extra car note

I agree you can actually buy a real gas powered remote plane for what there asking for these…I really think someone made a price mistake or greed is setting in…my

Unfortunately, I remember the plastic models I built as a kid, of these planes. Those were very faithful and detailed models, down to the seams and rivets.

That’s why I’m shocked at how simplistic these are. I get that they’re “real wood” and all, but they come across like someone printed them out on a 3D printer from some roughed-out 3D files they downloaded from the Internet. Pass.

(Now I wish I had kept my plastic model planes.)

nah, the Japanese revenge was Honda and Yamaha

The dumbest part of this is that building them out of wood only to paint them so you can’t tell they are made of mahogany kind of makes them pointless.

Hiroshima Anniversary is August 6th.

It’s ‘Doolittle’, not ‘DooLittle’ for the B-25 Mitchell.