daRosario 100% USDA Organic Truffle Oil

daRosario 100% USDA Organic Truffle Oil
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PRODUCT: 1 daRosario 100% USDA Organic Truffle Oil 250 ml Bottle


It wasn’t clear from the description… Is this “certified”??

Truffle Oil from the USA? Must be next to Obama’s Oval Office Garden where the shrooms grow the best in the poo.

Yep. It says “The First USDA Certified Organic Truffle Oil No Chemicals or Synthetic Flavorings.”

Truffles are from 12-year-old land? I wonder how that works. I thought all land on Earth was more or less the same age, give or take a late volcano or land mass shift here and there.

Politics and truffle oil? Not a good pairing.

Last line of the description:

“Tended to by a team of mycologists and agronomists with a single passion–organic agriculture–the land has always been farmed with natural, traditional methods, and is now certified USDA Organic.”

Well, at least I got the sarcasm Cheet0. =)

Hold out for the black truffle oil. It’s much tastier.

Also, I’m pretty sure truffles are also hunted by pigs, and are found in other countries besides Italy. France, for example?

No, I’m not looking this up…who’s got that kind of time?

Just know that the white truffle oil will go much faster than black truffle oil because the truffle taste is more ephemeral.

I believe they used to hunt for truffles with pigs, but they began to train dogs to do it instead because they were considerably less likely to eat the truffle upon finding it.

Good god, keep politics OUT of Woot. Isn’t there enough of it everywhere else.

not a huge deal, found it for $32.99 at the frenchybee.com, free shipping with orders over $49.

Try this for all you nay-sayers!

AMAZING recipe for white truffle oil!

Truffles were considered a delicacy once Europeans realized they were edible. They grow in mossy, shady areas and were apparently too difficult to farm before modern techniques were developed (like other fungi). Due to the growing environment it was really hard to see them, and that’s why they used pigs and dogs. But if you managed to accumulate enough of them, you could sell them at the market for a LOT of coin.

Also, too: yukon gold truffle fries are AWESOME.

Fine, fine. We’ll just discuss evolution vs creationism instead.

Truffles: Delicious enough to be proof of a loving God? Discuss.

Woot staff, you really should update your description to state that it is 8 fl. oz. instead of stating 250ml. You are overstating the volume of the bottle which is actually only 236.58ml.

Actually, truffles grow underground on the roots of trees (primarily oak)… Pigs and/or dogs are used because of their keen sense of smell… True, to the previous poster who denoted that pigs, indeed, eat truffles, therefore the use of the canine, who will dig up the precious fungi and deliver it by mouth to its master…

So… When does this ship? I have already received the dried mushrooms I ordered on here one day before ordering this, and these truffles don’t even have a tracking number yet!

Nevermind, looks like shortly after I posted that, I got the tracking number!