daRosario 100% USDA Organic Truffle Oil

I didn’t refrigerate mine after opening, but I’ve only had it a couple weeks. Seems still fresh and strong…

(and I hate refrigerated oil, so hopefully I don’t need to; I may move it to the basement with the wine, though)

For some reason I can’t edit my other post. I just realized the link I provided isn’t linking correctly. In order for it to work, you have to copy & paste the address into your browser.


^^^ That place sells this for $36 + shipping. I think Woot is offering a pretty good deal.

Check it out!

Might be a benefit if the EV olive oil has lost its olive flavor, as long as it has not gone rancid, just so the truffle essence has a better chance of showing itself. We have a truffle oil with a base of sesame oil instead of EV olive oil. Use it to finish foods as if you apply heat the truffle flavors can vanish.

Hmmmmm… Quality control looks ‘iffy’ as there appears to be some little clump of something in the bottom of the bottle in the pic.


Anyone got a shipping confirmation on this yet?

I was just wondering that myself.

Meh. Ordered this on the 13th, got a tracking number on the 21st, didn’t actually ship until the 24th, and not due to arrive until Oct 4?