Darwin's Awards and Trophies

Darwin's Awards and Trophies

I ordered some shirts for my kids on April 22. I got an email saying they’d be delayed but I didn’t think too much of it. When I checked recently it said the estimated arrival date would be August 2nd. I tried to cancel the order but I don’t know if it’s gone through.

If you can’t fill the orders you have why are you soliciting more?

Hi there. We have resumed printing. Your shirts from 4/22 were delivered on 5/11.


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Congrats Adam!

I’m going to wear this shirt as I do a triple somersault off my roof into a pile of razorwire and murder hornets in your honor.


Thank you. I’m sorry. My wife put them in quarantine and didn’t let me know they had arrived.

My order status now shows “delivered” and an estimated delivery date of August 2nd. Your bot has been drinking, time to cut it off.

Wait! I need to grab my camera!