Das Keyboard 4 Professional & Ultimate

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Das Keyboard 4 Professional & Ultimate
Price: $119.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews over at Amazon

I bought one of these in the January woot. It’s my third Das Keyboard - I have one on all my computers. It’s an excellent keyboard.

What sucks about this model is the ridiculous ruler on the bottom in place of real feet. If you find yourself not using the feet on your current keyboard (i.e. you like it flat) then go for this. On the other hand you could find yourself looking for a book to prop it up on because that ruler doesn’t raise it enough. They may think 4 degrees is optimal but I certainly don’t. And strictly as a ruler it’s hard to read because the numbers and tick marks are not contrasted with the red plastic.


Next to the Corsair K Series these are my second favorite keyboards. My only gripe is i wish they had a Cherry MX RED option as the Blues don’t seem to last as long in my experience and Browns i just don’t like personally.

I bought 2 last time around, one for me and one for the missus. Great keyboards.

As a developer who had issues with remembering the %^&*() keys without glancing down, I took the plunge to the das professional with blue switches and I love it… and it forced me to commit those keys into memory.

I’m typing this up on an Ultimate Brown, & I just bought a Professional Blue for home…first time w/ mech keyboards & I’m in love with them! Wish I could use blue switches at the office, but even the browns got attention for how loud they were compared to membrane keyboards.

I bought a Das 4 Ultimate just a few weeks ago from the mothership. However, despite my best attempts and the help of Das support, both of my computers could not recognize the keyboard even though it is supposed to be plug n play. This is a known issue with the Das 4, so just be aware.

It’s a lovely keyboard when it does work, but the ruler underneath makes the keyboard slide around due to its poor design.

I can’t confirm this, but several of the Amazon reviews state that this Das model does not support KVM switches.

Since I am hooked up to a KVM, this is enough to seal a no-deal for me.

I can pick up an IBM model M for less than this from a certain well-known auction site, and have the keyboard that this wants to be. The model M is also certified as an anti-zombie weapon should the need arise… I don’t see the value in this one.

Sadly anyone under 20 has not used one.

Trying to plug one of those model m’s into a modern laptop’s usb connector is annoying.