Das Keyboard 4C Professional - Blue

The 4C is the one I have. For me the best feature of this keyboard is the compact size. I never used the number keypad on the right side of the keyboard. I reclaimed 2 1/2 inches of desk space, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the difference between the mouse being crowded vs. having plenty of room.
As for the mechanical keys, I can’t say they are an advantage for me personally. The cheap keyboards with bubble switches were always fine with me. But I do traditional old school touch typing, not hunt and peck. I think the mechanical keys would be better for hunt and peck typists. And I can’t comment on what’s better for gamers, though I do know gamers like these keyboards.
As far as reliability, the keyboard seems well made, and if the switches are as good as they claim they are, that should be a significant advantage over time.
I don’t mind that it’s a wired keyboard, because they give you two USB ports on the side of the keyboard, which is great. They are just USB2, and they seem slow now that USB3 is pretty common, but they are convenient and I don’t mind waiting a little longer for my data transfer.
So in all I would give this a thumbs up, but since Woot doesn’t take returns, you should try out a mechanical keyboard first to make sure you won’t hate it.