Das Keyboards

I’ve heard many good things about Das Keyboards. I’d be tempted to get one, but I already have three Razer BlackWidows lurking about…

$80 for a keyboard and it’s not even an ergo one? No thanks.

where’s the one with blank keycaps? that’s what helped make them famous to begin with.

also, part of what makes these nice is the nice clicky keys so you know you hit the key. they’re very nice to type on, similar to the old IBM keyboards from the 80s that weighed 10 pounds.

I’d get one, but the one that I’ve been using for the past 15 years that came with my eMachine still seems to be working…

@CGA1759, What you pay for is not the ergonomic design when it comes to a keyboard like this. These types of keyboards are often used by IT professionals because of the type of keys they contain. The Cherry MX Blue keys have a 40 weight to them, and since they are tactile (up down motion with an audible and pressured click) you get a more distinct force feedback from the keys. Often, mechanical keyboards that offer a tactile motion will allow a user to type much faster than a normal keyboard. I know that I can reach about 80-90 wpm on a normal keyboard, but with my mechanical keyboards I am able to type near 110-120 wpm.

@gibson Why not just buy the caps. I know quite a few people that just buys the blank coveres with colorized caps for specific keys like your Thresh [WASD] keys. Nice blackout caps are not expensive.

However, to anyone looking to get a keyboard like this. I would suggest going to a store and playing with the Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard first. See if you like the way the tactile keys sound and feel. There are multiple styles of keys out there with regards to the Cherry MX keys. Some, like Cherry Green, are harder to press. Others, like brown, make no noise.

See the following site for a good explanation of what some of the more common colors mean, and what they provide.

And the wiki:

If you’re in the mood to blow the big dough on a keyboard, get one of these.

I bought a Mac one over at the mother ship a couple months ago for full price. I wish I waited, but I switched from Windows 7 to Mountain Lion and needed a keyboard with OSX keys. It replaced an IBM Model M, and while the Das isn’t identical in key feel, it’s pretty close. I have a real hard time with membrane keyboards, my accuracy is horrible with them. Mechanical keys are well worth the money and will outlast a dozen or more cheap membrane keyboards.

Heck if you wanted to stick with the Model M feel you could have got a Unicomp mac keyboard.

I love my Das. Easily the best no frills mechanical keyboard on the market, and very durable, unlike the Razor varieties offered on Woot

Just ordered the Ultimate a couple days ago…but this is an awesome deal. Maybe I can return the other one (it hasn’t even arrived yet).

I have been using the PC version of this keyboard for many, many years… Really a stellar keyboard.

But I use Macs at home, and have always lamented the lack of proper keys.

Well, not anymore!

For new folks, I would suggest trying one first. And if you have roommates, expect hateful glares - these things get really loud when you really get typing.

Unicomp was out of Mac ones at the time.

Just want to warn the potential buyers this is highly likely a reconditioned item because it only comes with 90 days warranty and sold the same price as their officially reconditioned ones on ebay.

[MOD: Conditions are correct as stated. One is new; Mac is factory reconditioned.]

I read these the newer DAS keyboards arent’ what they used to be. specifically people are complaining about the spacebar. do we know where the keyboards are made?

I have the blank keycap blue switch version. Easily the best keyboard I have ever owned. :slight_smile: The product feels very solid, the keys work as nicely as the day I unboxed the unit, and unlike most enthusiast products, it actually looks quite classy.

It’s been a year and my keycaps are a tad shiny now, I think black perhaps shows wear more easily than beige, but it isn’t particularly concerning as I’m sure they’ll last for years and years.

I never did get the number (and symbols) row down though, so I’ve learned to use the numberpad (not that it helps me with symbols, but c’est la vie).

You can buy keycaps from a variety of places like WASD Keyboards or Elite Keyboards. These are Cherry MX switches and there are very fancy artwork keycap sets available, too.

Please note that this keyboard has nothing to do and is in no way comparable to the IBM Model M keyboards.

It uses Cherry MX Blue switches. It’s completely different. Please do not spread misinformation.

They switched from Costar to an unknown Chinese manufacturer when they added the media keys on the top row. So assuming Woot is selling the one pictured, it’s the good model.

The Mac and blank key versions are still produced in Taiwan, so the refurb Mac one they have is good.

I have the one pictured, which is the “old” Model S, and it’s great. I have one with Blue and one with Brown switches(the Silent model, now called the “soft tactile”). At this price, you can’t really go wrong for a mechanical keyboard. Sure, it’s not made of steel and can’t be used as a bludgeon like an old Model M, but compared to other modern mechanical keyboards, it’s top of the line and very durable.

It’s mechanical…

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