DAS Professional Mechanical Keyboard

**Item: **DAS Professional Mechanical Keyboard
Price: $79.99
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eighty bucks for a keyboard?

That’s relatively low, especially for a mechanical keyboard.

This had better be the frickin’ Lexus of keyboards. Does it type for you? Is it air conditioned?

It’s got Cherry MX Blue switches, and supports n-key rollover.

It’s actually a pretty damn good deal for a keyboard that’s $140 normally.

If you’re a keyboard snob like me, this is actually pretty cool.

Of course, it’s still not an IBM Model-M keyboard with Buckling Springs, but I’m told it’s pretty close.

I’d consider it more the Viper.

And just like the Viper (or the Lexus), it doesn’t drive itself.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we move away from these type of keyboards because they were not tactialy pleasing? Hey guess there are some nostalgic fingers out there. NEXT PLEASE!!!

I don’t have this exact model keyboard, but I have had a keyboard with MX Blue switches.

That being said, for a mechanical keyboard this is very cheap.
Laser etched keys are also, relatively, expensive. I doubt these are PBT key caps with laser etching, but still very good.

Modifying mechanical keyboards are also fairly common and you can find entire key cap sets for as much as this keyboard depending on the material type.

MX Blue switches generally feel good, but due to the clicky type are generally loud. MX Brown switches would probably be better as they offer a compromise. Personally I use MX Black switches since I type very hard as a force of habit.


EDIT: Also included a link for a good Mechanical Keyboard overview

It’s amazing. I’m typing on it right now. I paid over $120 for it just a month or so ago.

In for 1 for my 2nd computer. Good bye crappy tictac keyboard.

Oh also. It’s a definite increase in typing volume (the amount of sound generated when you type… especially if you type fast) from most keyboards, just as something to mention.

You can hear the audio of the MX Blues here (most of the way down the page):


9 thumbs up on the Model-M. IBM did do things well, once.

I have 4 mechanical keyboards (Cherry MX red, green, blue, and brown), and blue switches are great for general typing. You can feel the keys actuate and they make a pleasing clicky sound. I wouldn’t use this keyboard at work / around others though – the takatakatakatakataka will drive others crazy.

Yes they did. I’ve still got two Model-M’s (one had it’s 20th birthday back in April!) and they are GREAT.

Still, that being said, I just popped for two of these.

I had 2 of these - bought a 3rd a few weeks back on a woot. This is a GREAT price for a great keyboard. If you’re a typing “purist” and you get one of these, be WARNED you will never be able to use just any keyboard again, thus why I have 3 now… ugh. I think the action is nearly identical to the Razer Black Widow, but they have some extra programmable keys to the left on the board, and this seems to distract me and forces me to look down at the keyboard, I just couldn’t get used to it. So I abandoned the Razer and stuck with DAS. Exceptional Quality.

Okay, I will correct you. We “moved away” from mechanical keyboards because it was much cheaper to make them using crappy little plastic/rubber dome pieces positioned over a grid of circuits, rather than giving each key its own switch mechanism. The problem is it detracts from both responsiveness and tactile response.

If you type very fast, it is increasingly important for your fingers to know if they did or didn’t hit the key for sure. Mechanical keyboards make this easier, thus facilitating even faster typing, with fewer errors.

You’re wrong. Most keyboards are non-clicky because they are just plain cheaper to manufacture, and most people just stay with the keyboard that came with their computer because they don’t realize that they have a choice. I won’t try to explain why clicky keyboards are better. Google and you can see how many people who spend a lot of their day typing prefer these.

You could also just get a better keyboard made on the original Model M machinery here:


Same price and you can get parts for it too.

Awesome reply without being condescending. And I had the same question, so I’ve been educated too!


I feel like some peeps out there just got punked.

I’ll bet the same people who buy and use these keyboards also think that their crackers taste better if they put expensive price tag on the box than if it’s the same product without a nike swoosh for cheaper :slight_smile:

If you drove all day, would want to do it in a Geo Metro? Nope. I type all day, so I don’t want to use a cheap membrane switch keyboard.

I already have a Das Keyboard at work, and finally the price is low enough to get one for home as well. I actually have the Ultimate S (Ultimate = no labels on the keys; S = silent, has the Cherry MX Brown switches instead of Blues). It’s a really nice keyboard, but I’m curious just how loud the Blues are compared to the Browns.