DAS Professional Mechanical Keyboard

Fortuitous! I’ve been pricing mechanical keyboards recently- I even went so far as to buy a “sampler pack” of key switches to try out the feel and sound of the various Cherry switches- and had just narrowed the field down to a keyboard with Blue or White switches. This is perfect!
For the record, this is not the same technology as the legendary Model M; those use buckling springs, adding a “ping” to the “click” sound. Of course, a new buckling spring keyboard from Unicomp will run $80 and up…

If you like the feel, but not the sound, of a mechanical keyboard, you can get a set of dampeners for Cherry MX switches for $15-$20 ($18 at Amazon). There basically a little o-ring that goes on the stem of each key.

Monoprice has the Cherry Blue for ~$55

I’d say my blues are louder than browns, and I had to switch my browns with reds at work because they were a bit too loud. I probably wouldn’t use blues at the work unless I had my own office.

Not the same keyboard.

I prefer the Cherry MX Reds on the Corsair K90

Yes - Thanks for the polite and educated correction!

It’s very interesting to see the passionate followers of mechanical keyboarders out there! Had no idea these things were still well liked. NOW I have the urge to go get some keyboard clicking in after thinking about it! Heading to the IT dept to find a dinosaur to get my fix. Not dropping 80 bones though lol - Cmon clicky people you know you want to stock up!

If you live near one, Microcenter will have them on clearance every once in a while. I got a Ducky (MX Reds) for $45 a few weeks ago.

Wow, I really DID think we were being punked…like everyone was in on the joke except for me. I get it…you guys are passionate. I’ll just patiently wait for the next item.

i’m fast with a 10 key. my firm gave us 10 key number pads with really bad mushy soft rubber domes to use with our laptops. i couldn’t type fast with it because i couldn’t tell whether or not the number went through. the only way i could touch type was by smacking each key as hard as i could, to ensure the keystroke registered. this slowed me down immensely. i went out and bought a 10 key with cherry mx blue switches. i could type faster, and my hands didn’t hurt after long hours of number crunching.

i now use a unicomp model m clone. for those of you that don’t understand why someone would pay so much for a keyboard, i’ll say it’s worth it if you type fast.

Lulz- you guys keep buying it! $80 for a keyboard is ridiculous

In for one!

I think I’m probably going to regret the ONE part.

You should try a mechanical keyboard sometime. People who type a lot often buy them, just as you would expect a serious runner to spend more money on and be pickier about his shoes than you or me.

That’s exactly right. These are not for everyone. The differences are pretty small to most people, and for almost all of them a $15 keyboard works fine. If you don’t already know why you need one of these, then you almost certainly don’t.

Heck, for me a $15 keyboard works fine maybe 80% of the time. Odd thing is, though, even though I’m only ever “in the zone” about 20% of my time, the productivity jump makes a $100 investment about as trivial as which brand of snack cookies to buy.

Arrived about an hour ago.
Can’t test right now but I’m happy to have it.

Mine arrived last week. I love it- the solid, sturdy feel; the clean design (no drivers required… that’s what I’m flippin’ talking about!); the tactile sensation of each click; and of course the sound of those Cherry switches. Thank you, Woot!