DATACOMM 45 0006WH Hole Saw Plate

DATACOMM 45 0006WH Hole Saw Plate

Part number indicates this is white, but the specs tab shows it is pink?
Even still, maybe only $1 cheaper than most places.

I think this is used to cover holes in a wall and allow cords to pass through the the brush fibers. I could use this for my router which is mounted on the wall outside a closet that contains all the network equipment. Right now there is just a small, ugly hole with power and network cables going through.

It’s white. We updated the sale. Price is the best we can do but WE DELIVER!

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I don’t suppose you know the dimensions of the square hole, do you? Elsewhere, I read it’s for a 1 3/4 inch hole, but I’m not sure the square pass-through will be large enough for the number of cables I have going through.

Found this on another site via google:

TV, Projector & Home Theater Accessories

• Small 2" square design intended for managing cables & hiding behind components;• Brush opening allows even an HDMI® cable connector to fit through;• Metal mounting wings molded onto plate;• 1-piece design for use with 1.75" hole saw;

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2"inch square? Might be a bit big, actually…
We’ll see.
Edit…I was thinking the 2" was the internal square hole, but it’s probably the trim measurement.

This looks like it’ll work great for my purpose. Apparently, however, my hole saw kit only goes up to 1.5 inch. I don’t appear to have any between 1.5 and 3 inches…

So when are you guys going to sell a 1.75 inch hole saw?

Probably right after you’ve purchased one from somewhere else. :slight_smile:

Harbor Freight can hook you up for $9.99.

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Square trim plate is 2" x 2" and protrudes 0.25" from the wall when installed.

Hole required in wall is 1.75".

The plastic is 0.125" thick.

Inner diameter of cable channel is 1.5"


I’m sure y’all have been wondering how this all worked out for me. Well, I finally got a cheap 1 3/4" hole saw and got 'er done.

Totally worth it!

That’s the most beautiful hole I’ve ever seen

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